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I hope I'm ready for Nano, it's getting closer!

In honor of the season (or just a clumsy moment), write 100 words about fall .

The leaves had just begun to turn and they could already feel the cold waiting impatiently in the distance for its time to arrive. This was also the month of the twins' sixteenth birthday. An auspicious one for many, especially for those who will soon find themselves Gifted.

The twins' were not the first to know of their soon to be abilities, but rather, were informed by the way their father rushed into the sitting room, breathless and fearful: "he's sent them for you."

That is how it came to be that the autumn of their sixteenth birthday, and every one since, was spent in hiding with no mentors to guide them and a younger brother forced by necessity into Guardianship, for no one else could be asked to risk their lives by defying the Seeing One. Their parents had already paid that price for them.
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  • Пт, 20:14: RT @NathanFillion: As a self deprecating, non-sexist alternative to "That's what she said." try: "...in my mouth."
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These are quite important names too...and some geography! (except the title...I suck at titles)

Joris Lanal is trying to create The Empire of Sight in the nation of Shalddar (the one the Five Nations are at war with).

To the west of the Five Nations are The Whistling Mountains. There is a main pass (Quarryn Pass) through these to reach The Salt Wastes or, The Wastes for short. You have to cross this barren land to get to Iskassa, the Salt Empire, where they export salt to the Five Nations and speak the Sikke language.

The Mug and Bottle is Nolan's favorite tavern.

Plena/Kelne family (tenant farmers on Merrin land):
Parents names: Anite Kelne and Riben Plena
Mauna Kelne (the oldest child) is engaged to Tomen Nasodoro

Tilden Salotara: Retired fire elemental. Mentor to Kerris.
Jornel Addare: Gaurdian. Mentor to Nolan.

Rianne Enaro: Gifted seer
Dasha Tilar: Gaurdian

Marek Assirra: Gaurdian
Lorette Koryk: Gifted weather elemental

Steward to the Gifted: Olirin Lusald

The three most popular insults in Aswynn are:

World Map (in progress) )

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Today, write a hundred word drabble having something to do with a lock. There are various usages of the word; go wild. (It's a bit over 100 words but they wouldn't stop talking to me :D )

"Can you do anything?" Nolan asked him.

"I've never tried melting metal before," Kerris replied. Nolan could feel how unsure he was and tried to project as much confidence to him as he could. Kerris smiled at him in gratitude before shifting closer to the lock on his cell door, wrapping both hands around it.

Nolan saw Kerris slip into his familiar state of deep concentration. Nolan closed his eyes as well, feeling the flow of power between them as Kerris borrowed stored energy.

The power built slowly between them, increasing with every pass with Nolan focusing on opening himself up so Kerris could access as much as he needed.

Then he felt something shift inside head and felt the power settle with a hum between them. Nolan opened his eyes to a grinning Kerris.

"I did it," Kerris breathed.

"Never doubted it," Nolan replied as he felt waves of pride shift between the both of them.

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I wanted to do some warm-up writing with my characters before Nanowrimo started so I joined [livejournal.com profile] charloft for their awesome creative writing propmts. Here's my first one:

"Row faster!" Kerris yelled back at him, voice almost lost through the spray of water. He turned around and aimed another fireball at their pursuers.

"You try rowing through a storm!" Nolan yelled back, muscles straining as he struggled to pull the boat through a swell of water.

Kerris continued shooting off fireballs even though the flames were being extinguished before they reached their destination.

Nolan ignored the sound of gunshots coming from the other boat. The only good thing about the weather was that the people chasing them couldn't aim either.

He pulled on the oars again and glanced quickly over his shoulder, flinging wet hair out of his eyes. "We're almost there!"

On his last word, the boat was caught by a large wave, dumping them over. Nolan didn't even have time to shout in surprise before he was being rolled by the pounding surf.

He crawled slowly out of the water, once he got his bearings, feeling as though he'd been on the losing side of multiple tavern fights. He glanced around and was relieved to see Kerris a short way off spitting out a mouthful of sand. Shouts rang out behind them and Nolan lifted his head to see their pursuers still struggling toward the beach.

"We probably could have planned that escape better," Nolan commented dryly, groaning as he rose to his feet wondering if they could find a place to hide for the night.
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So I'm going all out this November for Nanowrimo and writing something original for a change! This is my experiment to see if I can finish it when it's not fanfic...either that or I'm just lazy, I guess I'll find out :D

I'm super excited about this idea, though. It's fantasy based and has been badgering me for a about a year now, so I have lots of details figured out already.

So anyway, here's a character sheet for my main and secondary characters! Some spaces I left blank because I haven't figured them out yet. Still a WIP!!
Character chart found here.

Main character )

Secondary character )

All characters (so far) and how they fit in )

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So it seems like a lot of people know about Improv Everywhere who do the MP3 Experiments.

Well, I've been wanting to participate in one FOR AGES now, but they were only taking place in New York.

And then, one day in August, they came to San Francisco!

(Tracked tag on Tumblr for other people's pictures since I didn't take any)


Went with [livejournal.com profile] jedisurvivor (the BF) and [livejournal.com profile] ky313 (the Sister), we all wore blue shirts and had blue balloons and generally had a great time! My favorite part was when we all froze in place for a minute because the first video I ever saw of them was the frozen Grand Central Station one.

It was in Union Square which is actually a pretty small area and there turned out to be thousands of people who showed up. I think they underestimated the numbers. But the funniest part was when I looked up at the Macy's building, which is covered with tall windows, and saw EVERY ONE OF THEM filled with spectators! It was quite the sight. I imagine it was for them too!

And the creator of Improv Everywhere was there too! Sister said she saw him participating somewhere in the large crowd!

I'm really hoping there's a video for it, the people in charge tend to make official videos for the even the touring experiments.

Totally doing it again if it comes back around!

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There are no words to describe how much I loathe the BF's roommate.

She has suddenly taken over the ENTIRE PANTRY (which is the size of a closet so there's plenty of room) and takes out stuff that isn't hers. She did this without telling anyone.

She can't share for shit.

And now she's in the living room watching the BF's television because everyone else has to share their stuff but she doesn't. Obviously.

This is one of the minor complaints I have about her, btw. There are worse things.

Only a couple more weeks until moving out!

ETA: And now she wants to borrow the other roommate's car. He is understandably hesitant and doesn't give in to her demands disguised as friendlyness.

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