Oct. 16th, 2011

hazelbite: (BOG: Blades of GLAM)
I hope I'm ready for Nano, it's getting closer!

In honor of the season (or just a clumsy moment), write 100 words about fall .

The leaves had just begun to turn and they could already feel the cold waiting impatiently in the distance for its time to arrive. This was also the month of the twins' sixteenth birthday. An auspicious one for many, especially for those who will soon find themselves Gifted.

The twins' were not the first to know of their soon to be abilities, but rather, were informed by the way their father rushed into the sitting room, breathless and fearful: "he's sent them for you."

That is how it came to be that the autumn of their sixteenth birthday, and every one since, was spent in hiding with no mentors to guide them and a younger brother forced by necessity into Guardianship, for no one else could be asked to risk their lives by defying the Seeing One. Their parents had already paid that price for them.

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