Sep. 8th, 2011

hazelbite: (GO: I <3 Crawly)
Today, write a hundred word drabble having something to do with a lock. There are various usages of the word; go wild. (It's a bit over 100 words but they wouldn't stop talking to me :D )

"Can you do anything?" Nolan asked him.

"I've never tried melting metal before," Kerris replied. Nolan could feel how unsure he was and tried to project as much confidence to him as he could. Kerris smiled at him in gratitude before shifting closer to the lock on his cell door, wrapping both hands around it.

Nolan saw Kerris slip into his familiar state of deep concentration. Nolan closed his eyes as well, feeling the flow of power between them as Kerris borrowed stored energy.

The power built slowly between them, increasing with every pass with Nolan focusing on opening himself up so Kerris could access as much as he needed.

Then he felt something shift inside head and felt the power settle with a hum between them. Nolan opened his eyes to a grinning Kerris.

"I did it," Kerris breathed.

"Never doubted it," Nolan replied as he felt waves of pride shift between the both of them.

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