Aug. 17th, 2011

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So it seems like a lot of people know about Improv Everywhere who do the MP3 Experiments.

Well, I've been wanting to participate in one FOR AGES now, but they were only taking place in New York.

And then, one day in August, they came to San Francisco!

(Tracked tag on Tumblr for other people's pictures since I didn't take any)


Went with [ profile] jedisurvivor (the BF) and [ profile] ky313 (the Sister), we all wore blue shirts and had blue balloons and generally had a great time! My favorite part was when we all froze in place for a minute because the first video I ever saw of them was the frozen Grand Central Station one.

It was in Union Square which is actually a pretty small area and there turned out to be thousands of people who showed up. I think they underestimated the numbers. But the funniest part was when I looked up at the Macy's building, which is covered with tall windows, and saw EVERY ONE OF THEM filled with spectators! It was quite the sight. I imagine it was for them too!

And the creator of Improv Everywhere was there too! Sister said she saw him participating somewhere in the large crowd!

I'm really hoping there's a video for it, the people in charge tend to make official videos for the even the touring experiments.

Totally doing it again if it comes back around!

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Aug. 17th, 2011 12:18 pm
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