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Birthdate:Oct 26
Location:American Canyon, California, United States of America
Website:My original writings
Real name: Elizabeth
What my friends call me: Liz
Where in the world?: California: The Golden state
Years in existance: 25
DOB: October 26
Sign: Scorpio
Altitude: 5'5"
Hair tint: Brown
Eye tint: Dark brown
Favorite colors: Purple
Favorite animals: Dragons
FANDOMS: Harry Potter, Nightrunner, Stargate SG1/Atlantis, Full Metal Alchemist, Star Wars, Lost, PotC, Everworld, Firefly/Serenity, RENT, Witches of Eileanan, Remnants, A series of Unfortunate Events, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Boy Meets World, Horatio Hornblower, Faerie Wars, Dead Poets Society, The Riches, Will and Grace, Heroes, Psych, Avatar, Space Cases and counting...

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Hazel Bite, my ETSY shop, is now open!

More! 25 year old college graduate and archaeologist from California, in denial about being an adult. I have a fondness for reading and writing, though I feel permanently attached to the internet sometimes.

I'm quiet until you get to know me. I'm thin but I love food and eat constantly. I have a weakness for Nutella, French cheese, pumpkin pie, and Starbucks coffee. If I hear even one word that reminds me of a song, I'll start singing...probably very badly, too. I love acting like a dork and I'm so easily amused, it's amusing. I love inside jokes and outside jokes and laughing in general. I'm addicted to a lot of shows and my sister recently got me hooked on Ghost Hunters. The rest of my fandoms are too many to mention. I love to travel but haven't had much chance. I want a toy poodle.

I'm addicted to [info]milliways_bar where I play a dead doctor, a young blond alchemist, and a girl warrior. I look and act younger than I really am which doesn't bother me because I figure it will be a compliment when I get carded at forty. I always try to have a positive outlook on things. I drink Diet Coke when Pepsi isn't available because I agree with Samantha Carter. My room is an organized mess and I like alphabetizing things. I love painting my toenails in the summer. I think faster than I type which causes annoying typos sometimes.

I'm terrified of spiders and I hate needles. Despite this, I have a Scorpio tattoo on my upper back. I am also an adrenaline junkie; I would ride roller coasters and go sky-diving all the time if I could! :D is my favorite smiley. I am insufferably lazy, it's such an ingrained habit that I have trouble breaking it. My favorite number is 13 and I don't believe in superstitions. Halloween is my favorite holiday and autumn is my favorite time of the year. My birthday is in October, so I think that pretty much explains those last two.

I love listening to music and I have a red iPod named Persephone. My external hard drive is named Fletcher and my computer is named Sirius. I'm living in American Canyon at the moment but I'm in Davis all the time. I'm a chronic procrastinator and if it wasn't for the last minute, I would never get anything done. I love saying random quotes from my many fandoms. You'll be my new best friend if you recognize it and reply with one of your own. I love geeky things and I'm proud of it! I counted my book collection once and found that I had almost two hundred. That was five years ago and my collection has long since outgrown my bookshelves.

I have a poster of Return of the Jedi on my wall. And a Pirates of the Caribbean poster. And the free Harry Potter poster I got for going to the midnight party. My favorite color is purple, if that isn't obvious enough already. I also like blue and silver. And unicorns. Dragons. And fairies. I get hyper easily. Seriously, VERY easily. Meat Madame meat!

This bio brought to you by the letter E.

anthro_liz + Facebook + Greatest Journal + Myspace + Multiply


"I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar..." ~Wash

"If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done" ~me

"Gilligan's Island is not a viable genetic population, even with Ginger and what's-her-name." ~Prof. Purser

"In reality, then, there are no religions which are false. All are true in their own fashion, all answer, though in different ways, to the given conditions of human existence..." ~Émile Durkheim

"If it doesn't make sense, it's probably a fangirl thing." ~me

"Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn!" ~RENT, La Vie Boheme

"Ignorance isn't bliss. Knowledge is." ~Me

My Communities:

(Mod) spectacle_love, a new community for girls and guys with glasses!

(Mod) everworld, Everworld series by K. A. Applegate!

(Mod) __remnants, Remnants series by K. A. Applegate!

(Co-mod) ross_and_broche, For fans of Maria Ross and Denny Broche of Full Metal Alchemist!

My RPG characters:

At [info]milliways_bar:
Dr. Janet Fraiser [info]bedside_manners from Stargate SG-1
(My craptastic drawing of the SGC)
Russell Tringham [info]plant_alchemist from Full Metal Alchemist
Suki [info]golden_fans from Avatar: The Last Airbender

At [info]:
Russell Tringham [info]teh_pretty_

At Old West RPG:
Original character Olivia Bell miss_bell


You are a Waterbender!


The first waterbenders learned how to bend water by watching the moon control the tides. Waterbenders use Chi, the energy that flows through life, in combat. They redirect their opponent’s Chi rather than using direct strikes. Waterbending is stronger at night and strongest during the full moon. Waterbending is not possible during a lunar eclipse.

Which Element do you Bend?

Dr. Daniel Jackson is always dying Love

The creator's journal

Johnny Depp is Love

Lemony Snicket is Love

The Original Trilogy is Love

Seasons of Love

Everworld is love.

Whose Line is it Anyway? is LOVE

Milliways is love

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Stargate quote post-its from Icon Ascension!

I'm in ravenclaw!

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