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I'm still working hard on [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses fic! This post is to remind myself which ones I've completed and the prompts I still need to do.

Full Metal Alchemist, Ed/Russell )

Space Cases, Harlan/Radu )

When I look at it all laid out like this, there's still SO MANY LEFT.
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yams angel hark footprints cold
hats future generosity snow day bonfire
cold turkey kerchief Christmas cake thaw
walnut family traditions hospitality cough Christmas tree
quilt Scrooge countdown dreaming of a white Christmas wrapping

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This was an assignment for one of my graduate classes this semester. We got to practice ethnographic coding and analysis on any source we chose. Naturally, being the fangirl that I am, I picked Science Fiction movies.

(I broke up some of the block text so it's in a slightly different format than how I turned it in)

“For the Greater Good”: Themes of Life and Death in Science Fiction

“They'll swing back to the belief that they can make people... better.” --Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity.

“You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you've created.” --Commander William Adama, Battlestar Galactica.

WARNING for 3 pages worth of writing )
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I've been reading a lot of Supernatural fanfic lately. The pairing is Dean/Castiel and I only watched the show because of it. Yes, I am that kind of fangirl :D And I figure if I'm going to have a time-consuming obsession, I might as well be productive about it!

I don't rec every Destiel fic I read, but when I do, they're quality. All Mostly NC-17 because I love a hot pay off ;)

Now with shiny new word counts!

Fics marked with * are new additions!

Quality over quantity! ...Oh who am I kidding it's quality AND quantity at this point )
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Wow, okay. Just realized I haven't posted for a few months!

Just wanted to post some videos of Titanic: The Musical because I've been reminiscing again and because it ended up being one of the top five highest grossing shows in our company! It's a good feeling.

Our TV spot:

(I don't think the embed is working, link HERE )

And the song that always makes me cry (the BF's solo at :45)

One of the professional pics:

Next audition: The Music Man! (for the third time!)
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It's been a year since I've done a show and now I'm in Titanic: The Musical!

*sigh* I miss theatre when I'm not in a show...

I'm Madeleine Astor which I'm super excited about! I think I might have been the only one to try for her AND I get to wear pretty dresses and a fake preggo belly. She has a few lines and a short duet with John Jacob Astor.

A cool thing about this production is that the second performance is on the EXACT date of the 100th anniversary and we're doing a gala!

The BF is Charles Clarke. Sadly didn't get Andrews or Barrett like he wanted but I hear Charles is a good part too. It's basically an ensemble show, there are no real traditional leads.

(I love history and went through a Titanic phase so I'm geeking out about this!)

For anyone in the area, it's in Davis, Ca. Davis Musical Theatre Company.

Happy 2012!

Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:34 pm
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Happy New Year everyone!

Even-numbered years tend to be awesome ones for me and so this time, I have made a New Year resolution for the first time in ... I can't even remember.


Aiming for Fall '13 at UC Davis in Archaeology, emphasis in historical especially Gold Rush era California. It's my favorite :D

My second choice is Sacramento State, just in case, I hope it doesn't come to that because I really love Davis :D

So, my to-do list is quite scary:

- Three letters of recommendation (two lined up so far but I have not asked yet)
- A writing sample (not sure if I can use one from my current project since it has two names on it)
-Graduate Record Examination scores (DAMN YOU GRE I think this will be the most difficult part)
- Statements of purpose and research interests (oh man I don't even know where to begin)
- Curriculum vita (easiest part aside from the following...)
- Academic transcripts

Deadline for all these is January 15 (except for the transcripts which are December 15)

ONE YEAR TO PREPARE... and I know it is going to fly by.

Not actually too worried about writing a thesis since winning Nano, so yay!

I wish I could go back to college?

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So. Yesterday, this happened:



Of course, it's mostly crap and isn't even a completed story (there's no ending) but I ACTUALLY FINISHED NANOWRIMO FOR ONCE.

Letting it sit for December and then the editing process begins in January!


My tweets

Nov. 25th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Thu, 23:22: Just passed 40,000! Official word count: 42,284 / 50,000. Only about 7,700 more to go! We can do this, everyone! #nanowrimo
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  • Пт, 18:07: Just backed up my NanoNovel to Dropbox and my external! Day 18 gogogo! #nanowrimo Hitting 30,000 tonight!
  • Сб, 01:09: @SurvivorCochran Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick can move an island. But he'd get voted off of it by John Cochran. :p
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I had been planning on posting Nanowrimo stuff to this journal but it's Day 18 and I haven't gotten around to it yet.

But! All of my current Nanowrimo posts are here on my Tumblr which I have been using a lot more than LJ lately.

Beware the random fangirling in between Nano posts, though.

Also, I will be reaching a word count of 30,000 today!

Needless to say, my last two attempts at Nano were blown out of the water and my thought about original ideas being easier to write was true!

I didn't give up on day two this time and I haven't missed a day! \o/ Of course, it's going to be a long time before my story sees the light of day, if ever :D

My tweets

Nov. 18th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Чт, 23:07: @SurvivorCochran I thought you'd say "Y'know, all the customers you really like, you call them by their last name - call me Cochran!" :D

My tweets

Nov. 14th, 2011 12:18 pm
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My tweets

Nov. 8th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Mon, 22:14: Ugh. No concentration today. Only about 300 written... I don't want to lose my lead. The night isn't over yet. #nanowrimo
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The article I co-wrote for the SCAs this past summer is available online!

The Commune Era of Olompali: Challenging our Assumptions of the Hippie Lifestyle

(It's an online PDF file, just fyi)

My first paper, I'm very excited and hopefully it will get some responses :D
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In honor of the season, write about an object that is haunted.

The orb sat benignly on the plinth - a place of high honor in the hall. The black glass reflected light though he could not find the source of it.

"Look closer and you will see," the figure said mildly and Nolan leaned in, almost against his will. He knew the rumors and this was surely the object in them.

His eyes were wide as he took in the glare of the glass and he blinked slowly before fully gazing into the orb.

For a moment he thought he saw his own eyes gazing back at him but no, his own were not the bright, clear blue he was seeing. And then, there were more; scared, hopeful eyes, shapes crowding his own vision as though seeking his attention. He clenched his eyes shut but the images remained, stark against the blackness of his vision. Pained, faceless looks, some angry, some sad but all Gifted.

And that was when he knew the rumors were true. This man was stealing Gifts, a heinous crime by all standards, and these images were the only remaining pieces of those who had lost everything.

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