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I am SO glad this semester is finally over. I did not manage this semester properly from the beginning AND I took three classes at once that were probably the most diffucult I've had so far so it seemed like I was taking double the classes. Thankfully, that theory class is over, it kicked my ass so bad :(

I just got back from my last final so now I can party it up without worrying about class the next day.

Things that are happening this week (because there are a lot!)

+PIRATES ON THURS OMG. We already bought tickets for the 8pm show so we could all go out to the bars after. Our last hurrah before we don't see each other for the summer.

+I move out of the dorm I've lived in for the past nine months on Friday :( I'm going to miss it, I've gotten quite attached to this home. I think I'll have to take pictures of my room before I leave.

+Which leads to the packing situation, which I must get to today and tomorrow.


+Continue search for apartment with T and N.

+Start reading books for fun again!

+Going with [livejournal.com profile] taichi_chan to the fanime convention this weekend.

And the best part of all!...


If you are curious as to what the hell I'm talking about, go to [livejournal.com profile] anthro_liz

I've gotten both the vaccinations that I needed for the trip so that's two needles being stuck in may arm done with thankfully. Right now I'm taking pills to prevent typhoid (mainly so I didn't have to get the shot) and the side effects are bothering me a bit. Pills for Malaria need to be taken this weekend.

ALSO To all my RP friends!

My trip to Belize means that even though I'm not busy with school anymore, I won't have reliable internet access until about the middle of July. I'M SO SORRY I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!
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There was a roller disco/fundraiser tonight for the anthropology club...I forgot how much fun roller skating is!

Also, GIP!

Ahem. Blades of Glory is my new obsession :D

A week...

Apr. 5th, 2007 12:12 pm
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Hurray! It's spring break! About time, too!

ETA: Also, Sirius is workin' that suit.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 11:25 pm
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What is it with relationship revelations and declarations tonight?
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Spring is upon us and it is GORGEOUS outside today! Warm weather with a slight breeze and a clear sky.

Went into the city last Wednesday with a friend of mine. Stopped by the Japanese Tea Garden and the de Young Museum (I wanted to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibition but we didn't get a chance).

Personal triumph of the week: I actually drove in San Francisco without panicking as much as I usually do! (Anyone who knows me, knows how much I freak out when faced with driving in the city :D ) I figure that if I'm going to live there at some point, then I should get used to it.

Also, the restaurant in the museum has THE BEST soup I have ever tasted. Lunch was expensive but it was COMPLETELY worth it :D

(Urm. Sorry to everyone I usually RP with but RL (i.e. school) has been kicking my ass lately. I sorry :( I'm trying to find time to play now.)

And I should have taken Swing dance lesson long before now, it is amazing how fun it is. There is a dance hall nearby that has socials every Friday night and the rec center on campus has lessons and I just can't get enough of it!

When to an Irish Dance show to watch my sister [livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve and her friends perform. AMAZING. Wish I could dance like that :D

Getting ready for a Tahoe trip at the end of this month. Hitting the slopes (well, more like learning how to hit the slopes for me) and Casinos!

Squeee! Going to see MCR this Friday in Reno!!!! RISE AGAINST is one of the bands opening for them and I am just as excited to see them as MCR. Wish me luck to not getting trampled in the mosh pit *wibble*

Have a beautiful day!
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Random thing that I thought was funny (because I'm easily amused like that):

Reading Harry Potter AU fanfiction and suddenly noticing the familiar music of someone watching Harry Potter in a nearby room (because the walls in the dorms are paper thin).


Aug. 20th, 2006 07:05 pm
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+ Still not certain on when I'll be online regularly, but with shiny new school connection and not-so-hectic classes as of yet, you'll probably see me on AIM and YAHOO soon.

+ On that note...just moved in to my dorm today. The room is bigger than the one I had last semester thankfully. Still haven't met fourth and last roomate but it's not that late yet.

+ Will be getting a new laptop. The one I have now is three years old and it's needed maintenance like crazy. Not going with a DELL this time, I think...Any suggestions?

+ 'Fiddler on the Roof' was a GREAT show, it sold out a few times and I miss all of the cast. It was a blast hanging out with them backstage.

+ After two games of lasertag, I am now addicted and must play again!

+ Went camping along the Yuba River in the Sierra Nevadas. Downieville is a beautiful historic site, I always love visiting there. We also went a little town called Forest City, it's like an outdoor museum. We walked around to all the historica old homes and visited the graveyard as usual. I do have this thing about not taking pictures inside a graveyard, so just the signs.

I like pictures )

But my favorite place to visit is Brandy City. Last time we up to the old graveyard at night but we didn't get to this time. My dad did drive me up on the bumpy road, though, it's like a half hour trip, dirt most of the way. Brandy City is a basically a ghost town and the only thing left of the place are the cellar pits and the graveyard. The cemetary sign is VERY Pet Semetary according to my sister but it was getting to be twilight and I didn't want to go get a picture of it without a group of about ten with me. The place just gives off a weird vibe.

Creepy place )

+ Anyway. It for now. Must figure out what I'm doing for dinner!
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Just like the rest of the country...

I'm melting...MELTING!

On the bright side, there's a show tonight! Except that the AC in the theatre is practically non-existant. Good thing I love the show :D

But! On another happier note...

[livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve and I are going to see RENT in San Francisco on Tuesday! *bounces* We're taking BART because I can't drive in the city without panicking. Crazy one way wonky streets, all those cars...

Hope everyone is trying to stay cool!
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+My lobster red sunburn is loads better now. The back of the legs is the worst place to get a sunburn, I swear. I'm half baked. My swollen ankles are back to normal size now and I can walk properly again, hooray!

+Soggy crucible armadillo

+Fiddler opens tonight! First performance with a paying audience, it's so exciting!


+New season of Project Runway too!

+You may ask, why do I love theatre so much? I'll tell you. I don't know.


But really. It keeps me sane at work knowing I have rehearsals/performances to look forward to later. The applause. The thrill of it. The bows. And most importantly...because it's fun :D

+That's it for now, it's time for dinner...
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So. If I were to get an iPod and decided to get it engraved, what should I put on it? I was thinking maybe...a fandom quote?

Harry Potter

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."


"I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."

"You can't take the sky from me."

Maybe even a simple "shiny!"

ETA: "Also, I can kill you with my brain."


"There is only one thing we can ever truly control, whether we are good, or evil."

"Furlings? That sounds cute. Like Ewoks."

"Undomesticated equines could not remove me."

"Are you considering the strategy I'm considering?"

"Chelnak!" it means, 'very cool' in Goa'uld

Any other ideas?
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It rained yesterday and this morning and I didn't have an umbrella...I'm thinking I might have left it in a class room. So I go out to buy one today before my last class thinking it's going to keep raining, but it doesn't! Atleast I have an umbrella now.

Anyway! Karen Walker! In the bar! I had to restrain myself from bouncing around! Forget it... *BOUNCES*!!!

And I actually got stuff done today, so that's a plus!

AND MY FIREFLY COMICS CAME TODAY! SQUEE! They're so shiny in the clear plastic all new and such! Vol. 1 has Mal on the cover. I had to get Mal, he's the captain! Vol. 2 has Kaylee because I love Kaylee! Vol. 3 has Wash on the cover because, really, IT'S WASH. Come on now.

Going to Magic Mountain for spring break, very excited! Never been there before :D

Well, that's it, I guess.
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Taking a break in between classes and studying for a moment. I think my Anth 340 midterm went okay, could have been better but I know I didn't fail atleast.

Anyway, some Delorean awesomeness meme: )

Oh and Brett! These are for you:

1) The Whoseline neon light vid
2) Cabin Fever song from what we talked about yesterday.
3) There's a Hitchhiker's guide community on Facebook. Towel day is May 25th!
4) And a little something extra... That Thing You Do! It's just a clip, I couldn't find the entire song unfortunately.

And now for something completely random, The Star Wars, Star Wars cantina...

Okay. I'm done. Back to homework! :D


Mar. 9th, 2006 01:55 pm
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Well, I'm off to class and then I'm going home for a couple days for my sister's birthday! I'm taking her to lunch and a movie, she also gets a Hogwarts letter because she's turning 11! I started that tradition when my cousin turned 11, too :D It's very fun.

I most likely won't be online very much until Saturday night, unless I'm checking my email. I'll be back Saturday night though!

I do have AIM on my phone though, because I finally got it to work, yay!

So yeah, have a good weekend everyone!
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I've been meaning to say this.

Grills look so nasty and ugly. They ARE NOT attractive AT ALL! Why do people want to make it look like they have bad teeth? Seriously, just...ew.

The end.


Jan. 31st, 2006 03:38 pm
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Time for the "now that I've been to all my classes, it's time to talk about them" post. Yay! *throws confetti*

French 102 = This class is basically going to be review for me because I didn't want to miss a semester of French in order to wait for the next one in the fall. My teacher is really nice and kind of reminds me of Madame from SCC.

Geology 110, Natural Disasters = This is a huge class in one of the smaller lecture rooms. I can tell that my teacher is really into geology which is great because that ends up being contagious during lectures and helps me do better. My geology teachers at SCC were like that, too. I 'm looking forward to this one. Still debating on whether to minor in geology.

Anthropology 340, Living in a Pluralistic World = I'm not too sure about this class yet because I only took it on the advice of my advisor, I'm not even exactly sure what it will be about yet. My teacher is nice, though.

Anthropology 341, Emergence of civilizations = This was basically a last minute choice because the history class I wanted was already full. I thought this one might be too diffucult for me but, after the first class introduction, I think it should be okay. But OMG, my teacher is AWESOME! So very awesome! She sort-of referred to Stargate at one point at the beginning of class about not giving her any links that had to do with aliens building the pyramids and then...later, she asked the class if there were any Stargate fans. I have a teacher who likes Stargate! This is awesome :D And she's very funny, had the class laughing every once in a while.

So, overall, I have really enjoyable classes and great teachers. This semester is looking good! :D And, OMG, I love the dorms, I should've moved out sooner!
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Well, it's all actually happening! I'm moving into the dorms on the 26th and I've already talked with one of my new roomates who seems very friendly, I haven't heard back from the other two yet. I'm mostly trying to get my room cleaned out and everything packed away - things I'm taking with me and things that are staying. Of course, [livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve is just happy 'cause she gets my room, MY room that's she's wanted FOREVER with the bay window that only recently got put so that I didn't have enough time to enjoy it. And she gets to borrow my stereo. And my DVD player. And my desk. And my ENTIRE room, wah! I'm gonna miss it! Oh well, picture time!

ANYWAY, my last day at my job is next Sunday and then I'm transfering to a different store-same company. I'm only going to work on the weekends because I don't want to not have any time for homework like what happened last semester, that was absolutely horrible. AND I want to enjoy my four months away from home. It's terribly exciting!

My room is looking a bit sad now that some of my posters have been taken down and my closet is almost empty and my boatload of stuffed animals are in a box.

I upgraded to a shiny new LG flip-phone today, on sale for $40 with a $30 mail-in rebate, so I'm happy! It's so cute and shiny and awesome! Oh! and Best Buy was having a buy one get one sale on Stargate DVD's so (because I am weak, WEAK, I tell you!), I got season 7 and 8 for $20 each. I had to buy season 8 because I never got to watch the beginning of it for some reason, I can't remember. And I got season 7 because the episodes 'Heroes pt. 1' and 'Heroes pt. 2'. I almost got season 6 instead but...I like Daniel better than Jonas. don't get me wrong, I still ♥ Jonas ------------------------------------------------------------this much, but I missed Danny-boy more, heh. :D *compromises with a Daniel and Jonas icon*

All in all, it was a good day. Shopping will do that to a person, I think ;D
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I've been meaning to post ever since the Christmas in retail d00m! ended but then I just didn't, wtf me. Anyway!

The Cirque du Soleil! It's so awesome! I skipped work to go see it an everything, ooooh, I'm such a rebel! (actually, not really ;D) I've wanted to see it for a long time now and finally! Only bad part was the weather, we had to walk through San Francisco in the rain but it was worth it. Also, The Cheesecake Factory is my new favortie restaurant, I had the best cheesecake ever, there were lots of different flavors to choose from. There's a restaurant in a couple other states, too, I don't know which ones, though.

In other news: Saw some movies, went shopping, read some books, started cleaning my room (still haven't gotten very far), watched Firefly series again, this time with the parents, watched Serenity four times counting the commentary...I think that's it.

Good news: It's still vacation and I'm moving out soon. Yay! Away from the mother! Wheee!

Oh yeah, and a meme, how silly of me )

Well, I'm off to sleep, been staying up too late lately.

ETA: Oh yeah! How could I forget! Stargate is back tomorrow yay! It's the return of Scifi friday and there's new Stargate and it's so exciting and I hope the episode I heard a rumor about its really awesome! Okay, yeah, I really need to go to bed.
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Ah, first rain of the season. It's lovely.
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My friend gave me permission to share this story with anyone I wanted, and I thought it was very amusing but also, very frustrating. We like to commiserate with each other about the joys horrors that sometimes come with dealing with customers (she works in food, I'm in retail). So, she e-mailed me with the story of this one particular customer and, well, you'll see...

Bad customers suck )

Man oh man, I've got a few stories like that myself. We also discussed the fact that some customers like to ask for things that we've already told them we don't have (like we're purposefully hiding it from them, or something).

Working with customers helps me be a better customer myself, because I know what it's like.

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