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I still stand by this movie...I never followed all the casting controversies and I still don't get why people dislike M. Night...

...I just love that this movie LOOKS FREAKIN' EPIC!!

ETA: It SUCKED, btw. There goes my faith in M. Night. HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO US?!?!?!
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Quick post for tonight because I have some more packing to do before leaving tomorrow morning.


THE SHOW IS OVER :( I miss everyone already but I have a ton of pictures on myspace and facebook and lots of video fun things!

Cast party was awesome, I went for the last hour or so and managed to catch the skit that the ladies playing Mrs. Paroo and Eulalie Shinn put together. They are clearly the queens of filk! It was HILARIOUS.

And then we did a silly fake awards thing and I won for "best poise in a library" referring to the famous library scene in the show. [livejournal.com profile] brinabean, you and K won the Michael Flatley cultural something-or-other (I forget) for your Irish Dance bit in the show :D (and you can see yourselves in the vid down there!)

One last thing: Our quartet singing 'Lida Rose' recorded by my friend E. THEY ARE AWESOME.

I have more video but not enough time to upload it! More later!


Jul. 16th, 2008 01:03 am
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So we watched 10,000 BC tonight just so we could throw popcorn at the screen when all the inaccurate things showed up. Well, we didn't actually do the popcorn thing but we did go "Really? Really?" a lot and the only thing that I liked about it was that the main girl knew a thing or two about stabbing guys. But, come on. It completely lost me once those weird mutant ostrich things showed up. I think it could possibly have been good if the DIALOGUE and STORY had been better. X.X

And then I watched Children of Men which TOTALLY made up for the suckiness of the previous movie. I was kinda worried about watching it because I thought it might be super depressing...it was sad but hopeful at the same time! Then I reminded myself that it was directed by Alfonso Cuaron so OF COURSE it was going to be amazing!


Jun. 24th, 2008 03:25 pm
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So I hate reading critic's/user reviews for movies because they're usually so far away from what I think about them and they don't always get things right.

Apparently there were bad reviews for Get Smart!

But I just saw it and it was so much fun! I used to watch the original series on Nick at Night back in the day and I guess people were saying that it doesn't make sense with the series, but it's not like it's supposed to be a sequel or something.

Oh and ha ha, there is a part where you go 'Oh no are they really going to? omg they DID' ...hilarious.

Anyway, fun movie, go see it!

Indy 4!

May. 23rd, 2008 02:17 am
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Generally I liked it!

More under here... )

Oh yeah...



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At World's End trailer countdown!

I was wondering if we were ever going to see it!

Release date: May 25th!
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Went to the midnight showing of X3 last night. Was a lot of fun! We ended up having about ten people with us, it was crazy. There were three midnight showings at the theatre, the seats were almost all gone 45 minutes before the movie started, and the first two showings were already sold out.

I thought the movie was a lot of fun. Aside from some dodgy dialogue at a few points, I enjoyed it. Of course, I've only ever seen the movies, everyone else who was familiar with the comic books were disappointed. But! If you go and see it remember to stay through to the end of the credits! There is a bonus scene at the end :D

(The Pirates trailer was shown! It is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY awesome on the big screen! Everyone laughed at both of the funny comments that Jack Sparrow made. I SO can't wait for the movie!!!)

Anyway, moving out tomorrow, I kind of want to leave, but I also want to stay! Lots of fun things planned for the summer (like the Pirates premiere, if it's even possible to get tickets for that!)

I think all my finals went really well and I'm glad I'm done with them, can't wait for next semester :D

Well, off to finish cleaning and packing!


May. 20th, 2006 01:40 am
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The Davinci Code = Good movie! Now to finally read the book!

------>Oh and a PS to those I chat with on a regular basis:

I know I haven't been online much lately, either on AIM or Yahoo Messenger, but it's getting down to finals (all next week, eeep!), so I may be scarce for awhile. I'm also moving back home and figuring out my new work schedule for the summer, so things may not be settled for about a week.

...and then there's the whole no more convenient school network = possibly less time online especially since I'll be sharing a room again :(

But nothing's for sure yet, I'll catch you all when I can! ♥♥♥♥
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L'auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) = Good movie!

Now to watch the sequel!
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Well, I'm now up three new DVDs and one new CD. I am weak when it comes to stuff I obsess over, I've said this before.

This calls for a post-it I think...

LOVE the "insert image' thing, so much easier!

Anyway, I couldn't resist getting RENT and now I have the entire Soundtrack on a loop in my head. Which is good thing until it jumps from 'One Song Glory' to 'Out Tonight' for no apparent reason. Whatever. Love it no matter what :D

Got HP4 'cause I could. [livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve, I hope you guys got the two disc version, 'cause I didn't :D You better be online later!

I finally get to see Big Fish considering I didn't get to when it first came out, looking forward to that!

Oh and....I managed to snag the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack! I didn't want to download it free because I wanted to support the movie, just like I'll definitely be getting the DVD when it gets released too! Love the music ♥

Oh! Who else is excited for those new Whose Line episodes next week? I have two tests but there is no way I'll miss the show. Can always use a a little break anyway!

By the way, I uploaded 8 new icons, I have space for 108 now and I can't wait for more! Using one of those new ones now!

Um, yeah, that's all....
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About to go to bed in a few, just taking a break from studying and all that.

J'ai regardé Les Choristes aujourd'hui dans ma classe de français. C'est un bon film avec la belle musique et les beaux chansons. Je veux le C.D....voilà! C'est ici! Je le veux!

Ah...j'ai fait beaucoup d'erreurs avec ça, probablement :D

De toute manière, regardez Les Choristes si vous n'avez pas déjà!

Traduction, parce que je suis ennuyeuse...

Translation, because I'm bored... )

Blah. C'est fini. 'Night.
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I finally got to see the Full Metal Alchemist movie and...spoilers )
Thank you sooooooo much x a bajillion for the link [livejournal.com profile] taichi_chan! Can't wait until you watch it and then we can squee over it and stuff! :D
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I just watched a movie that I hadn't seen in ages, it was on TV a couple nights ago.

That Thing You Do! I remember when I went to see it for my birthday back in '96. So much love for that movie. So much.

So, I give you, the title song from the Talent Show at the beginning of the movie!

Whee! Youuuu...Do that thing you dooooo. Breaking my heart into a million pieces...

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