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I have found another essay on why you should board a specific HP ship, this time it's Harry/Ginny:

It's the Simple Things by: Michael

It brings up a very good point which has created another H/G 'plot bunny' for me to follow up on and (someday) write! While you're there, read all of the other essays, they are quite enlightening.

While I'm on the subject of HP (which I almost always am), here is another link to an HP parody site:

Hairy Plopper: Harry Potter cartoon satire

I'm just in a link-crazy mood today so here is where I made my avatar:

Avatar Maker

I also found this yesterday. It's called a weather pixie, I am going to put it up permanently in my profile:

The WeatherPixie

I think that's all for now, atleast until I can find more things to waste my time with...

SIMS !!!!

Oct. 21st, 2004 02:37 pm
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For all you addicted sims fans out there here is my SIMS family exchange site!

Kore-Persephone's Sims Page!

Eight families to choose from and all are themed from books or movies!
-Marauder family
-Hogwarts family
-Pirate family (from POTC)
-Stargate family
-Also Remnants, Everworld, and more!
Have fun downloading!

BTW, Here is a fun Quiz all the way from Pern!

Blue Dragon
You are a blue dragon! You are reliable and
steady. You are known for being able to work
for long periods of time without tiring. You
are intelligent and very perceptive, and a good
judge of talent. You are good at finding
humans who would make good dragonriders. You
tend to set reasonable goals, and almost always
succeed at what you set out to do.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Happy Quizzing!
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I just found this on the Princessnpauper community and it was too good not to post!

100 reasons to ship R/Hr!

Cheers! Kore-Persephone
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Here is a very cool interest ranking meme thingy, it rates how common my interests are among the rest of LJ! Read it! Try it!
Interest Meme )

Oh, and here's a link to see some of the icons that I have made! Please comment to tell me if you are going to take one and give me credit for it, thanks!

Persephone's Icons


PS Look at my new Hedwig icon! Isn't it cute? :-D
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If you would like to see a picture drawn by my sister for use on my site, follow the link to my webpage!

Picture of Persephone

Also, if you would like to take a gander at some of my Harry Potter fanfiction, here is the link to my Fanfiction.net account:

Kore-Persephone's Harry Potter fanfiction

Hmmm, maybe I will post some of my poems straight to LJ...

Anyway, Happy Reading! Kore-Persephone

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