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That time of year again!

I was sort of thinking about going to Phoenix Comicon instead because of the amount of amazing guests but I already had a non-refundable pass to Fanime. Maybe next year!

Reprising my role (for the third year!) as Russell Tringham! This year, Fletcher will be played by my youngest sister [livejournal.com profile] ky313!

Second cosplay is (tentatively) River Tam from Objects in Space. I found a pattern for her vest and I'm going to finish it this week and hopefully have a dress made for me by my wonderful sister [livejournal.com profile] brinabean! Pics will definitely be in order :D

Fanime Plan of Awesome:
(Updated as more info is posted)

Friday May 27th:

8:00p – 1:00a: Swap Meet (Found some great stuff last year, like a cheap replacement manga for one I lost while moving!)

Saturday May 28th:

1:00p - 2:00p: Firefly/Serenity/Whedon gathering at the Cosplayer Hangout, Market Room Hilton
2:00p: Avatar: The Last Airbender gathering at the fountain
3:30p: Disney gathering at the fountains
6:00p – 7:00p: West Coast Swing II
8:00p – 9:00p: East Coast Swing II
9:30p – 11:00p: Private Lessons (this year I hope we can get in, fills up quickly)

Sunday May 29th:

11:00a: Full Metal Alchemist gathering at Concourse level Patio on the Marriott Side
12:00p – 1:00p: West Coast Swing (possibly)
3:00p – 4:00p: East Coast Swing

6:00p Black and White Ball in the San Jose Fairmont Hotel/s Regency Ballroom
6:00p Masquerade in the Civic Center (I really don't know why these things are the same time, going to the ball instead)
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Final gatherings schedule!

Saturday 10am : Full Metal Alchemist. I FINALLY GET TO BE THERE AS RUSSELL IT'S ABOUT TIME. Time to dust off my blond wig and suspenders for another year!
1st Floor Convention Center (Riser Stage)

Saturday 11am : Avatar. No [livejournal.com profile] ky313 to be there as Suki this year due to her being on a cruise BUT I WILL STILL TAKE PICTURES!
Front Hilton Side of the Convention Center Lobby (tree area up in the corner)

Saturday 1pm : Firefly/Serenity/Whedon THIS IS NEW. Will be awesome for you [livejournal.com profile] jedisurvivor! Captain Hammer FTW.
Concourse level Patio Marriott Side (just out the glass doors on the end)

Three gatherings! SO HAPPY that I finally get to go on a Saturday again, that's when all the cool stuff happens! Like the Masquerade at 6:30!


Will post pictures!
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I can't wait!

Made some plans for things and such to do Sunday:

11am - CLAMP gathering for [livejournal.com profile] ky313. Dunno if we'll get there in time though, too early O.o

2pm - Panel "Whose line is it Anime?" Anime + improv! Will probably stop by for a bit.

2pm - Ballroom, swing dancing in preparation for the Black and White ball :D

3:30pm - Avatar gathering! We can make it this year!

4pm - Panel "So you wanna live in Japan?" for [livejournal.com profile] ky313.

4:30pm - Kenshin gathering for [livejournal.com profile] ky313. Gonna have to decide on which ones to stay at...

5pm - Signings, Ken Lally from Heroes.

6pm - Panel "Gaia Online". Must not miss this time but worried it may be boring.

6pm - Black and White Ball. Tempted to go considering we haven't done this before! Plus, dressing up is fun!

8:30pm - Some kind of Yaoicon raffle thing. Not sure what this is but I'm thinking we could drop in to find out :D

Nothing we want to do on Monday so we'll do what we did last year and hang around in our cosplay taking pictures!

One of these years I'll be able to go the WHOLE weekend AND have more than one cosplay :D
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Fanime COMPLETELY made up for my depressing graduation a thousand times over!

Here, have some pictures!
(You can see the full set here on Facebook!)

(Also, going to a con hungover is QUITE the experience)

Avatar and FMA...with comments! )

I have an awesome story about an unplanned Avatar gathering but it involves more pictures so I'll post it later!
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Time for an update, bullet point style!

+ I still can't believe I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm not sure how many from the anthro department are graduating with me...two that I know of for sure and the ones that were in Belize with me even! Family is getting here tomorrow morning at 8, ceremony is at 9. Will have pictures up on Facebook at some point!

+Surprisingly, got a B on my SUPER HORRIBLE Lit Review...but I guess it wasn't too bad if my professor liked it enough to give it a B. *shrug*

+ Fanime on Sunday and Monday. MY SISTER KY IS THE CUTEST SUKI EVER. 'Course, I may be biased on this matter :> Bri and I have our cosplay ready to go as well, so we'll be looking out for all FMA cosplayers to goof around with. Hopefully tons of pictures. Sadly, will miss the masquerade and FMA, Avatar gatherings but no worries! Next year we're going the entire weekend!

+ We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but gas in NorCal has now hit $4.00. I almost fainted at the sight of the counter this morning x.x

+ Tons of cleaning to do tonight for grad party tomorrow and I need to figure out what shoes to wear for the ceremony. This is, understandably, SERIOUS BIZNESS.

+ Unfortunately, will not be able to work at the Phoebe Hearst Museum in Berkeley in September as they are laying off all of the people working on the SURGE project in June. So much for getting a job in my field right after graduating. Still looking!

+ Rehearsals for The Music Man start on Tuesday and I have extra hours at work, so it really feels like I just traded the busy of school for the busy of RL. Not complaining.

+ Time for me to go get stuff done! La!

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