May. 15th, 2009

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  • 13:40 Going to see star trek in imax! #

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I can't wait!

Made some plans for things and such to do Sunday:

11am - CLAMP gathering for [ profile] ky313. Dunno if we'll get there in time though, too early O.o

2pm - Panel "Whose line is it Anime?" Anime + improv! Will probably stop by for a bit.

2pm - Ballroom, swing dancing in preparation for the Black and White ball :D

3:30pm - Avatar gathering! We can make it this year!

4pm - Panel "So you wanna live in Japan?" for [ profile] ky313.

4:30pm - Kenshin gathering for [ profile] ky313. Gonna have to decide on which ones to stay at...

5pm - Signings, Ken Lally from Heroes.

6pm - Panel "Gaia Online". Must not miss this time but worried it may be boring.

6pm - Black and White Ball. Tempted to go considering we haven't done this before! Plus, dressing up is fun!

8:30pm - Some kind of Yaoicon raffle thing. Not sure what this is but I'm thinking we could drop in to find out :D

Nothing we want to do on Monday so we'll do what we did last year and hang around in our cosplay taking pictures!

One of these years I'll be able to go the WHOLE weekend AND have more than one cosplay :D

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