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Being in The Music Man for the second time with Andy and hanging out with everyone in the cast!
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Time for another no-post-for-FOREVER-finally-posting post. Yeah.

+ The Music Man is going great! Just finished our second weekend of shows with two more to go! I'd recommend going here, here, and here for pictures (!!!) and a review :D

+ Got my laptop back FINALLY, I missed it so much! It's a bit slower now but hopefully I get to do something to fix that. I'm also beta testing Windows 7, the new one coming out soon after Vista. Generally I like it, it's pretty and all but so far my sims games are not working the way I want them to which is ;_;

- Which led to me having to re-install them today and trying everything I can to get previously backed-up files to show up which worked the last time I had to do it and NOW IT DOESN'T. Hopefully taking a break from it will help...

+ Working at Six Flags is, in general, good. It has been hot here lately and they don't have much shade for us, which I really wished they would do something about and have mentioned before, but we'll see. It keeps me sane knowing that I don't plan to be there forever, or at least not as long as I was in retail. Also, working animal exhibits at a theme park is MUCH better than in foods or something. However...

- To: Visitors of the park, Just because an animal is not moving does NOT mean it is dead or fake. I know common sense is severely lacking in a lot of you people, but we would not have a dead animal on display and do you REALLY think that we would spend all that that effort on new expensive exhibits just to put fake animals in them? Also, WE treat our animals fine, thanks for asking, YOU do not. WE do not spit at alligators to make them move, YOU do, WE do not pull on the tails of stingrays, YOU do, and WE do not bang on the glass windows of the marine animals, YOU do. Also, not every shark you see is a great white, not every stingray is a manta ray and not every penguin comes from Antarctica. But I just explained all of it and you would know this too if you had been listening. No love, me.

+ To end this on a non-ranty ending...



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So, I've got some vids here that I just uploaded to youtube from this past summer (yeah, I took my time) when [livejournal.com profile] brinabean and I were in The Music Man.

This was our quartet! And they liked to practice backstage during intermission! So I took video!

(Also, my boyfriend is the bass in these - and happens to be wearing the pink jacket :3 )

A Disney Medly! )

My Cup Runneth Over )

And my favorite: Somewhere over the Rainbow! )

I still have to upload a few more but my vid program is pissing me off by not working properly :(

Oh! One more!
My boyfriend as the voice of Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors!

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Quick post for tonight because I have some more packing to do before leaving tomorrow morning.


THE SHOW IS OVER :( I miss everyone already but I have a ton of pictures on myspace and facebook and lots of video fun things!

Cast party was awesome, I went for the last hour or so and managed to catch the skit that the ladies playing Mrs. Paroo and Eulalie Shinn put together. They are clearly the queens of filk! It was HILARIOUS.

And then we did a silly fake awards thing and I won for "best poise in a library" referring to the famous library scene in the show. [livejournal.com profile] brinabean, you and K won the Michael Flatley cultural something-or-other (I forget) for your Irish Dance bit in the show :D (and you can see yourselves in the vid down there!)

One last thing: Our quartet singing 'Lida Rose' recorded by my friend E. THEY ARE AWESOME.

I have more video but not enough time to upload it! More later!
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+ The show has been going great! I took some backstage pics that can be seen on facebook and myspace and there are definitely going to be more from the next two weekends. Sold out Sunday matinee although it was super hot in the theatre as usual. The first two rows were filled with red hat ladies!

+ I always end up hanging around with the younger crowd backstage, and by younger crowd I mean 12-14 year olds (not counting my sister!), because they're more fun than the adults. Plus, none of them knew how old I was until I told them, lol. I read a lot backstage though, so it's more them hanging out while I'm sitting nearby with a book. Still, everyone in the show is awesome and I've worked with a lot of them before.

+ During the library scene, we have books as props and mine happens to be a hardbound copy of Timeline by Michael Crichton so I've been reading my prop lately too (even though I've read that book three times already, lol)

+ My favorite number in the entire show? "Shipoopi!" Our steps are similar if not exactly the same at some points, only with less pink (my dress is blue, my sister's is red) and less lifts (due to the typical lack of younger guys) the guys we do have do a very good job though and it's super fun :D

+ I finally get four days off from the show so I'm planning an entrance post to Milliways (with my brand new girl character!) AND re-downloading aim. Yay for productiveness!

+ Except I'm going to do some cleaning first and I have a few phone calls to make.

+ My plans for field school are changing. I felt it would be better to only go for two weeks instead of four, due to housing/funds/rent details that still need to be worked out X.X

+ Road trip to Seattle is still a go, only with one less person :( and I'm REALLY looking forward to the space needle as well as Crater Lake on the way home!

+ I've been playing Maplestory with my sister again while in Vallejo because it works better on my parents internet than here. No one will probably get the significance of this but I finally leveled to 30 after not playing for a year!

+ Finished watching ALL of Ghost Hunters online and now can't wait for the new eps...next month, I think?

+ Have now seen In Bruges THREE TIMES and I swear it never gets old. Me and [livejournal.com profile] brinabean have been quoting it a lot, although trying to quote the movie without swearing around certain people is just not the same :(

Oh yeah, and....

+ BRAND NEW EPISODES OF AVATAR STARTING FRIDAY THURSDAY!!!! Okay, so technically it starts tonight but I've already watched those online before they were supposed to air :D!
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The Music Man in the local paper:

Times Herald

Tonight is our curtain opening and tomorrow night is our big gala opening where the management wines and dines the backers!

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Sooo... things have been crazy busy for me lately considering I've been splitting my time between RoPo and Vallejo...

Which reminds me, I'm curious. I paid $4.51 for gas this morning, what is every one else paying these days?

In other news...

Rehearsal for The Music Man has been SO MUCH FUN lately, it's good to be back in a musical. It's one of those things that I just can't get enough of. I missed being on stage. We've been doing choreography mostly it seems like but that's the best part! I get to do lifts and dance with a partner and be in an (almost) band again!

When I do find free time I've found myself playing The Sims 2 again. I, probably like many other people before me, have been re-creating the Black family tree - sims style. It's addicting but I've been taking a break from it lately so I could watch...

Ghost Hunters! My mom and my sister [livejournal.com profile] brinabean got me into it and I've been watching the first season on surfthechannel.com usually into the early hours of the morning which makes for the creepy.

Speaking of creepy, I was very proud of myself the other day for actually managing to kill a spider ON MY OWN. This is a big deal for me considering how terrified I am of spiders but, really, the alternative was worse. If I had left it alive it could have fallen from the ceiling AND LANDED ON MY BED AND I WOULD HAVE HAD A SPIDER IN MY BED. Not cool. IT WAS ME OR IT IN A KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT FIGHT TO THE DEATH... well, that and it was 2 in the morning and no one else was awake to kill it for me :/

Changing the subject, because I can't talk about spiders for very long without getting all weirded out... Work was crazy today.

Some highlights:
-The apprehension of two shoplifters which is more excitement that I think Petaluma knew what to do with. I was all 'pfft' this happened all the time at the Vallejo store, lol. Still, one chick made a scene and bolted for the door only the get caught by the three officers outside. Apparently she was flipping out so much that she had an audience of customers O.o
-Someone returning clothing that they swore they hadn't worn but it was obvious that they really had, in a gross way (I won't elaborate) x.x

The best thing about busy days at work is that they go by faster!

Oh yeah, and I can't wait for the road trip to Vancouver this summer!

And I'm still waiting for more info about fieldschool.

Two more things...

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] foozled_up who deserves good wishes and hugs and so much more! ♥♥♥

And Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] aqil_philosoph as well, can't wait to party it up in the city!

Ghost Hunters should be finished loading by now...
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So I just watched The Music Man for the first time IN YEARS and I remember how much I love it :D

[livejournal.com profile] brinabean and I also auditioned last night for The Music Man. We're all set to join the chorus/be dancers but a false alarm tonight had me almost running to call backs.

Funny story. I get a call that someone had heard my name called at call backs and was wondering where I was and I was all O.o dancers aren't listed for call backs and they insisted that I hurry back (an hour back even!) or I couldn't try out.

So I had my hopes up that I would be auditioning for the mayor's oldest girl and I'm in the car rushing to drive home and I'm hoping I'm not too late when my mom calls me and says, it's not me but someone else who has the EXACT SAME first and last name as me except for ONE LETTER.

So I was all D: cause the part of Zanita would have been fun AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS that someone would be at the same small company with almost exactly the same names as me but with an s instead of a z?

But I'm over it, I really only wanted to dance in 'Shapoopi' anyway *g* But it would have been nice :D

Anyway, the four of us doing the road trip to Vancouver this summer all got together to plan tonight and we have campsites booked and lists of things to do! I can't wait!

Except I have to get through May first because, wow, hello 10-15 page lit review that I haven't even started!

I think I may need to write another to-do list...thankfully rehearsals don't start until AFTER I graduate.

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