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Sep. 29th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Okay so wow, finally posting!

Let's see...since the last time I updated:

I found a new full time job which sounded awesome until I found out it was selling vacuums on commission door to door. So not my thing. I stuck it out for a week because I don't like to give up easily but realized that if a job is on the verge of giving me panic attacks than I should get out.

I auditioned for Six Flags Fright Fest again, the last time I did it was in 2002. Thought my audition was 'eh' even though they were impressed by THE REALLY AWESOME THINGS that I can do to my voice when I'm screaming. Said they'd call me in for call backs a week later if I got in. Didn't hear a thing so I figured they didn't need me.

So I planned to go to a wedding that I wouldn't have been able to make if I had been in Fright Fest! It's in San Diego and The Boy's best friend is getting married. He's in HER wedding party (like that movie!) I'm busing down there (12 HOURS!!) because it's cheaper than flying but I don't care because I LOVE going to weddings :D So my adventure starts early Friday morning!

Ahaha, so here's where it gets crazy (as though it hasn't already!) the day AFTER I book my bus tickets, I check my work schedule and GUESS WHO IS IN FRIGHT FEST AFTER ALL??? Thing is, NO ONE called to tell me I was in it, which apparently happened to some other people too. So I'm torn between YAY! they liked me after all and OH CRAP I HAVE NON REFUNDABLE TICKETS ON THE DAYS I'M SCHEDULED. Man, I may dislike working at a theme park some days but when they rush to work out my schedule with me, how can I hate them?

So now I'm going to San Diego AND getting to be in Fright Fest. Score.

Only thing left to do is find a second job because I figure that having two minimum wage jobs is like having ONE that pays $16 an hour!
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Time for another no-post-for-FOREVER-finally-posting post. Yeah.

+ The Music Man is going great! Just finished our second weekend of shows with two more to go! I'd recommend going here, here, and here for pictures (!!!) and a review :D

+ Got my laptop back FINALLY, I missed it so much! It's a bit slower now but hopefully I get to do something to fix that. I'm also beta testing Windows 7, the new one coming out soon after Vista. Generally I like it, it's pretty and all but so far my sims games are not working the way I want them to which is ;_;

- Which led to me having to re-install them today and trying everything I can to get previously backed-up files to show up which worked the last time I had to do it and NOW IT DOESN'T. Hopefully taking a break from it will help...

+ Working at Six Flags is, in general, good. It has been hot here lately and they don't have much shade for us, which I really wished they would do something about and have mentioned before, but we'll see. It keeps me sane knowing that I don't plan to be there forever, or at least not as long as I was in retail. Also, working animal exhibits at a theme park is MUCH better than in foods or something. However...

- To: Visitors of the park, Just because an animal is not moving does NOT mean it is dead or fake. I know common sense is severely lacking in a lot of you people, but we would not have a dead animal on display and do you REALLY think that we would spend all that that effort on new expensive exhibits just to put fake animals in them? Also, WE treat our animals fine, thanks for asking, YOU do not. WE do not spit at alligators to make them move, YOU do, WE do not pull on the tails of stingrays, YOU do, and WE do not bang on the glass windows of the marine animals, YOU do. Also, not every shark you see is a great white, not every stingray is a manta ray and not every penguin comes from Antarctica. But I just explained all of it and you would know this too if you had been listening. No love, me.

+ To end this on a non-ranty ending...



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So at the urging (sort of) of [ profile] brinabean, here is my long ass update finally! Er, in parts so I don't forget anything I hope.

Moving day!
I have officially moved out of my college town almost a year after graduating and WHAT a relief it is to not have to spend all my money on rent anymore, urg. I am now living with my Nana because I didn't want to move back with parents (even though my sisters are awesome and I wouldn't mind living with them again!)

I was kinda sad though, driving away with a u-haul trailer and my car's trunk full of junk because all I could think about was that my college days are officially over now. Time to be a RL functioning adult! Except for the not having to pay rent part, that part is my favorite.

WICKED IS AMAZING AND I'M PLANNING TO SEE IT AGAIN! Just, gah, the whole thing...I don't even know where to begin! The lights, the music, the costumes OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH THE COSTUMES. I was looking forward to Defying Gravity all night AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. Seriously, I think there were tears in my eyes.

Just finished reading the book finally and even though I usually pick books over other forms of canon the musical is MADE OF AWESOME I CANNOT DESCRIBE.

Also saw Avenue Q and its hilarity on stage is far greater than on Youtube, natch. Currently listening to soundtrack for the hundredth time!

Books! Books! Books!
Still reading Lynn Flewelling's Tamir series of books, loving those just as much as the Nightrunner series! Can't wait for September and new book! Also, the author has an LJ at [ profile] otterdance and a recent post of hers said: "Back to work on ideas for the next two Nightrunner books." which makes me glee so bad :D So yeah, [ profile] brinabean more to look forward to!

Library book sale tomorrow. I AM SO THERE.

Actually got money from the government this time instead of the other way around so that's nice :D Will be using it to update my contacts prescription because I'm sick of wearing my glasses again.

You mean there's such a thing as a fun job?
And I has one! Working at the Six Flags park (again!) in town as an explorer guide where we are, apparently, rock stars of the park...or something. Either way, I get to hang out with the animals and talk on a mic all day. It is tiring but so much fun and everyone is awesome.

I'm especially looking forward to Fright Fest where we get to be ZOMBIES.

Still a retail slave working at Kohl's but the cool job totally makes up for it :D

That moving pictures box
Watching (and actually keeping up with!) Survivor and The Amazing Race this season, it's been a while since I've watched them.

Completely Lost on Lost and forgot all about Heroes (been too busy reading fanfic and books, wasting time online, and working) must catch up soon!

This is a belated tl;dr warning!
Too late?

Wacky fun!

Feb. 10th, 2009 05:18 pm
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Okay, wow. For not being in school for a while, things still manage to be busy!

+ I found a second job! At Six Flags in Entertainment. Basically, I get to host animal shows and give out random facts about them. Also, occasionally escorting characters. I worked at Six Flags Fright Fest back in '02 and it was the most fun I've ever had at a job, so I am very much looking forward to this one! Orientation on the 21st, park opens the 28th!

+ I get to catalog artifacts again! I'm an intern at Olompali State Historic Park and one of the days I showed up they were going through a bunch of artifacts that had recently been de-asbestosed (de-asbestized? Either way, they don't have asbestos anymore, lol) and I got to talking with the state archaeologist there and he invited me to help him with the rest of the project! There is an article HERE with more info about it! I am SO looking forward to next Tuesday :D

+ I AM GOING TO SEE WICKED NEXT THURSDAY IT IS FINALLY SINKING IN OMG IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING. We've had the tickets since last October but now that it's only a week away I'm all Squeeeeee! about it at random times.

+ Going to Reno for Valentine's Day to see Toxic Audio with The Boyfriend. Can't wait for this either, it's been YEARS since I've been to Reno plus we get to see a show! Rock.

+ Going shopping on Monday with my grandma, aunt, mom, and sisters for my mom's birthday! We always have a good time :D

- Our water is getting turned off tomorrow for pipe repairs or something like that, so I gotta go finish my laundry now!


Nov. 21st, 2008 06:11 pm
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So Nano is going horribly considering I'm only at ~6,000 words due to distractions and such (of the good kind!) :/ I'm not surprised though, I've never been good at the whole sit down and write all day kind of thing. [ profile] brinabean and I are going to do some marathon Nano-ing when I visit for thanksgiving next week though, that might help a bit. At this point I'll be lucky to hit 10,000 words!

Also, my read 50 books for the year thing is stuck at 37...I blame the beginning of the year when I was still in school, less time to read then!

In other news, I've been driving around in a big truck for the past few days which is amusing considering how tiny I am ...but trucks are awesome. I loved cruising around in that thing AND it's got really comfy seats and power locks and windows! okay, it's my dad's car and we traded for a few days so he could do some work on mine (which means find out why it was making weird noises) but now I have my own little Echo back.... with no power steering because that had been the problem, lol. I never realized before how nice power steering was until I didn't have it and now it feels like I have to throw all my weight behind it just to turn the wheel, lol.

Thought I'd come up for air before Christmas in Retail Hell (TM) begins again for another year and I have even less time.

...yeah, so much for my plan on NOT being in retail this year, the search for the elusive Better Job is failing spectacularly and I've gotten so discouraged that I'm just going to wait for the holidays to blow over before attempting again.

Now, I think I'm going to go pig out on ice cream and watch TV!

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