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YAY! )
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See, I'm very proud of myself for not overdoing the exclamation points this time!


...wait what? TWO WEEKS before the second part?!?!?
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Jun. 30th, 2008 11:04 pm
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Heard from [livejournal.com profile] neenie...

Don S. Davis, also known as General Hammond from Stargate has passed away.

I am so terribly saddened by this...
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Okay, I swear this will be my last post for the night!

And here I thought the cliffhanger for "Kindred Pt. 1" was insane...

The season finale cliffhanger makes me want to pull all my hair out in an "omg that is SO UNFAIR don't DO this to me" sort of way!

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I went out between classes to buy it and then could BARELY sit through the rest of my classes knowing it was in my car just WAITING for me to get out of class for the day.




Now to wait until Stargate Continuum to come out. I believe the preview said Summer 2008 which, whoa, I thought October? Not that I'm complaining.
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I didn't realize this was coming out so soon!

MARCH 11!!!!
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That's just cruel.

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OMG, watching the new Atlantis right now and... )

I could probably talk more about it but I'm tired, so goodnight!
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Scroll down and look at all the pretty that is going to be at this convention.

I squeed so much when I found out that the IM was frightening to read.

Michael Shanks will be there Saturday, I must find a way to see him.
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I hate cliffhangers! Grrr! )

Once again I must squee over the awesomeness that is Stargate! *bows down* I was having a semi-bad day today and Stargate cheered me right up!

I am plague ridden! There are two people I can blame for that but I'm pretty sure I know who I got it from *sniff*

Also, you know you've been in retail for too long when the mere sight of sparkly ornaments on fake christmas trees in September makes you queasy. *nods* Fact.
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Chevron seven locked )

Also, Re: my current music...I SWEAR I didn't pick that song on purpose...iTunes has a mind of its own :D
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As many of you have probably heard by now, the Sci Fi channel has cancelled Stargate SG-1.

But there is still hope!

We will find a home! It happened when Showtime cancelled Stargate and Sci Fi channel picked it up, it can happen again!

I am not ready to say goodbye to this show yet!

There is a petition to sign and banners and icons to show support!


Also, I loved episode 200. LOVED it. It helped me to remember why I adore Stargate so much :D


Jul. 29th, 2006 02:03 pm
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I'm watching last night's episode ... )

Awesome episode this week!

...Meep. Previews for next week. Ack. Can't wait!
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+My lobster red sunburn is loads better now. The back of the legs is the worst place to get a sunburn, I swear. I'm half baked. My swollen ankles are back to normal size now and I can walk properly again, hooray!

+Soggy crucible armadillo

+Fiddler opens tonight! First performance with a paying audience, it's so exciting!


+New season of Project Runway too!

+You may ask, why do I love theatre so much? I'll tell you. I don't know.


But really. It keeps me sane at work knowing I have rehearsals/performances to look forward to later. The applause. The thrill of it. The bows. And most importantly...because it's fun :D

+That's it for now, it's time for dinner...
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Ginnaveve and I got a kick out of this meme... )

In other news.....

OMG YAY VACATION!!!!1 Going to visit [livejournal.com profile] socalcharger and see fun places in socal on Monday.

What this means for RP? Well, I'll be gone for about five days plus we're getting into tech week for 'Fiddler' so I'll be AFK for a good amount of time in the following weeks.


I bought new shoes the other day! ...and [livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve and I will be spending all day shopping tomorrow...

I think I'm turning into a show freak, whut *shifty*

I took pics of them, I may post them later.

Ummm, talk to you all later ♥
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Went to the fanime con with [livejournal.com profile] taichi_chan today, so much fun! Oh the joys of spending too much money! I'm hanging out with Edo right now, like the one in the icon! )

And I now have the Elrics and the Tringhams on my wall- )

And we saw two Ed, two Wrath, an Envy, Mustang, and Hughes cosplayers! There is a Mini!Hughes with my keys and cute little Al on my backpack. Picked up the latest two FMA mangas and that gorgeous shirt I'm wearing in that picture up there :D

Overall a very fun day! We're going again next year for the entire weekend with more people and in costume. If I end up going the temporary blonde route, that leaves a whole lot more characters available!

Went to Marine World on Sunday and finally got pictures of the Stargate SG-3000 sign. The ride is one giant plot hole... )

And a random picture of the dorm area outside of my window )

In short, vacation going great so far!
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Any Stargate fans out there?

New community!

[livejournal.com profile] 20_gates - Twenty facts about Stargate


Jan. 31st, 2006 03:38 pm
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Time for the "now that I've been to all my classes, it's time to talk about them" post. Yay! *throws confetti*

French 102 = This class is basically going to be review for me because I didn't want to miss a semester of French in order to wait for the next one in the fall. My teacher is really nice and kind of reminds me of Madame from SCC.

Geology 110, Natural Disasters = This is a huge class in one of the smaller lecture rooms. I can tell that my teacher is really into geology which is great because that ends up being contagious during lectures and helps me do better. My geology teachers at SCC were like that, too. I 'm looking forward to this one. Still debating on whether to minor in geology.

Anthropology 340, Living in a Pluralistic World = I'm not too sure about this class yet because I only took it on the advice of my advisor, I'm not even exactly sure what it will be about yet. My teacher is nice, though.

Anthropology 341, Emergence of civilizations = This was basically a last minute choice because the history class I wanted was already full. I thought this one might be too diffucult for me but, after the first class introduction, I think it should be okay. But OMG, my teacher is AWESOME! So very awesome! She sort-of referred to Stargate at one point at the beginning of class about not giving her any links that had to do with aliens building the pyramids and then...later, she asked the class if there were any Stargate fans. I have a teacher who likes Stargate! This is awesome :D And she's very funny, had the class laughing every once in a while.

So, overall, I have really enjoyable classes and great teachers. This semester is looking good! :D And, OMG, I love the dorms, I should've moved out sooner!

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