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This was an assignment for one of my graduate classes this semester. We got to practice ethnographic coding and analysis on any source we chose. Naturally, being the fangirl that I am, I picked Science Fiction movies.

(I broke up some of the block text so it's in a slightly different format than how I turned it in)

“For the Greater Good”: Themes of Life and Death in Science Fiction

“They'll swing back to the belief that they can make people... better.” --Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity.

“You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you've created.” --Commander William Adama, Battlestar Galactica.

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May. 24th, 2008 02:31 pm
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We all sat outside drowning as the Dean made a quick announcement, had us all stand up to be congratulated, and everyone left.

I looked liked a drowned rat because I didn't have an umbrella and our names weren't able to be called.



Why couldn't the heat wave have been THIS weekend instead of during finals?
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Time for an update, bullet point style!

+ I still can't believe I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm not sure how many from the anthro department are graduating with me...two that I know of for sure and the ones that were in Belize with me even! Family is getting here tomorrow morning at 8, ceremony is at 9. Will have pictures up on Facebook at some point!

+Surprisingly, got a B on my SUPER HORRIBLE Lit Review...but I guess it wasn't too bad if my professor liked it enough to give it a B. *shrug*

+ Fanime on Sunday and Monday. MY SISTER KY IS THE CUTEST SUKI EVER. 'Course, I may be biased on this matter :> Bri and I have our cosplay ready to go as well, so we'll be looking out for all FMA cosplayers to goof around with. Hopefully tons of pictures. Sadly, will miss the masquerade and FMA, Avatar gatherings but no worries! Next year we're going the entire weekend!

+ We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but gas in NorCal has now hit $4.00. I almost fainted at the sight of the counter this morning x.x

+ Tons of cleaning to do tonight for grad party tomorrow and I need to figure out what shoes to wear for the ceremony. This is, understandably, SERIOUS BIZNESS.

+ Unfortunately, will not be able to work at the Phoebe Hearst Museum in Berkeley in September as they are laying off all of the people working on the SURGE project in June. So much for getting a job in my field right after graduating. Still looking!

+ Rehearsals for The Music Man start on Tuesday and I have extra hours at work, so it really feels like I just traded the busy of school for the busy of RL. Not complaining.

+ Time for me to go get stuff done! La!

Indy 4!

May. 23rd, 2008 02:17 am
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Generally I liked it!

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Oh yeah...



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Two weeks of school left +finals week. I'm not worried about those five page papers, just the 10+ page one O.O


+ 10-15 page lit review for arch.
+ Final presentation for arch. +finish reading book +meet up with presentation group
+ Study for final in geog.
+ 5 page landscape paper for Geog. (in Vallejo)
+ 5 page paper for Eng.
+ Two final response papers for geog.
+ Final response paper for arch.
+ Discussion group assignment for Eng.
+ Turn in Eval. sheet for for anth. by Wednesday NO LATER.


+ EP's for new Milliways pup once approved (OMG SUKI)
+ Post for Old West RPG
+ Work on Janet's ascension plot


+ Plane tickets for field school (~$700) X.X
+ Hotel for fanime
+ Lodgings for road trip
+ Rehearsals begin May 27th, find out rehearsal schedule
+ Call A. at work this week (preferably today after 3pm)
+ Ask for more hours at work
+ Email F.
+ Email A.
+ Email J.
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So I just watched The Music Man for the first time IN YEARS and I remember how much I love it :D

[livejournal.com profile] brinabean and I also auditioned last night for The Music Man. We're all set to join the chorus/be dancers but a false alarm tonight had me almost running to call backs.

Funny story. I get a call that someone had heard my name called at call backs and was wondering where I was and I was all O.o dancers aren't listed for call backs and they insisted that I hurry back (an hour back even!) or I couldn't try out.

So I had my hopes up that I would be auditioning for the mayor's oldest girl and I'm in the car rushing to drive home and I'm hoping I'm not too late when my mom calls me and says, it's not me but someone else who has the EXACT SAME first and last name as me except for ONE LETTER.

So I was all D: cause the part of Zanita would have been fun AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS that someone would be at the same small company with almost exactly the same names as me but with an s instead of a z?

But I'm over it, I really only wanted to dance in 'Shapoopi' anyway *g* But it would have been nice :D

Anyway, the four of us doing the road trip to Vancouver this summer all got together to plan tonight and we have campsites booked and lists of things to do! I can't wait!

Except I have to get through May first because, wow, hello 10-15 page lit review that I haven't even started!

I think I may need to write another to-do list...thankfully rehearsals don't start until AFTER I graduate.


Mar. 18th, 2008 07:42 pm
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+ It seems like every time I go into the city, I fall even more in love with it.

My Historical Arch. class went to the Presidio on a field trip today...checked out the adobes and artifacts, including some slightly broken headstones which I went all :D!!! over. Plus, there was a really cool old-timey milk carton that I was intrigued by.

To top it all off, it was a GORGEOUS day, the bridge practically shone in the sunlight and it was the perfect Bay Area spring weather that I love so much.

+ Where am I going for Spring Break next week? Memphis! Will it all be fun and games? Nope, I'm presenting my paper at the Society for Applied Anthropology conference there and having minor freaks outs about it every so often.

But the good news is once that's over I get to visit Civil War battlefields, eat ribs, and, oh yeah, Graceland!

Then I'm flying into LAX instead of SFO and meeting friends for Disneyland...that park has become our spring break tradition!

Wait, what? Homework, you ask?

Oh yeah. That. :((((

+ Well, I've finally decided on a field school to spend the rest of my financial aid on for this summer. Look, ma! The Carribean!

I mostly picked it cause it was the cheapest and I still have to pay rent.

+ Am I really graduating this May? I can't believe it myself sometimes. I've got my cap and gown and pretty tassel all ready. The drunken revelry is being planned and the announcements are waiting to get sent out.


+ I've recced a few more things at the crack broom. Gotta get all of them in before I leave for spring break!

+ MMMmmm. Chocolate.
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In order of importance, I guess...

+Talk to A and R about courses
+Graduation application deadline FEB. 15
+Letter of intent/Giecz fieldschool application ASAP
+[Ongoing] Edit/work on paper for SfAAs
+Find advisor's office hours
+Get internship papers from advisor
+Email A.G./Berkeley on Friday(?) Tomorrow!, around 9 am.
+Fill out/Get papers signed by advisor
+Reader for Geography
+Email F.D. about internship
+Email Dr. Poe about possible fieldschool
+Email him back
+Meeting Dr. Poe and group tomorrow at the cafe at noon
+Reading for tomorrow, Anth 322 and Engl 345
+Eye appointment this Sat. 10 am in Fairfield
+J's party this Sat. night (!!!)
+Plan Disneyland trip for Spring break/make reservations


Jan. 4th, 2008 06:03 pm
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This is my post of happy relief!

I was SO sure I had gotten a C in my linguistics class (linguistics and I just don't get along) and I managed a B! *does happy dance* I think that might have been due to my final presentation which, IMHO, rocked.

Also, something not so cool. HUGE storm last night. Apparently it knocked out the power for a bit because I woke up this morning to a blinking alarm clock and the realization that I was late for work because of it. No love for that storm :( Our flag also got decapitated from our house O.o

Think I may have caught a cold bug of some kind, AND they had me doing manual labor at work all day (which basically translates to clouds of dust. EVERYWHERE.) But it was okay I guess because I got to organize things. This makes me exceedingly happy.

Man, I don't think I've done a post like this in a while.


I was being bad yesterday and bought two party dresses. In order to get rid of my guilt, I have to remind myself that they were insanely marked down AND oh, SO PRETTY. And sparkly. And I'm weak when it comes to clothes. *nods*

Anyway, time for dinner!
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Okay, I know I've been posting a lot today, but I wanted to put this into a separate post.

The times when I will possibly be online for RP and things!

Finals are almost upon me, this means I will be on less because I'll be frantically working on papers/presentations/pulling my hair out. If you do see me online, I am probably procrastinating, so feel free to yell at me to stop slacking off and get back to work already :D

This Weekend, Nov. 16-19: Friday night through Monday night, I will be in L. A. (Gatecon! and Universal Studios! and Bri's Oireachtas! [sp?])

Tuesday night, Nov. 20: RP time!

Wednesday through Saturday night, Nov. 21-24: Thanksgiving and working on presentation.

Wednesday and Thursday nights, Nov. 28 & 29: Free time!

Week of Dec. 2: Not sure yet, who knows!
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One thing I realized after my advising meeting:


Okay, so I knew that already, but now it's finally setting in. Expect increasingly more flailing in the near future.

Three classes left!
+ Historical Archaeology, which I am SO looking forward to :D
+ Working Seminar, not sure what we'll be doing exactly, but it should be interesting.
+ One more upper division GE, that I still need to find.

Gotta run to class!
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I am SO glad this semester is finally over. I did not manage this semester properly from the beginning AND I took three classes at once that were probably the most diffucult I've had so far so it seemed like I was taking double the classes. Thankfully, that theory class is over, it kicked my ass so bad :(

I just got back from my last final so now I can party it up without worrying about class the next day.

Things that are happening this week (because there are a lot!)

+PIRATES ON THURS OMG. We already bought tickets for the 8pm show so we could all go out to the bars after. Our last hurrah before we don't see each other for the summer.

+I move out of the dorm I've lived in for the past nine months on Friday :( I'm going to miss it, I've gotten quite attached to this home. I think I'll have to take pictures of my room before I leave.

+Which leads to the packing situation, which I must get to today and tomorrow.


+Continue search for apartment with T and N.

+Start reading books for fun again!

+Going with [livejournal.com profile] taichi_chan to the fanime convention this weekend.

And the best part of all!...


If you are curious as to what the hell I'm talking about, go to [livejournal.com profile] anthro_liz

I've gotten both the vaccinations that I needed for the trip so that's two needles being stuck in may arm done with thankfully. Right now I'm taking pills to prevent typhoid (mainly so I didn't have to get the shot) and the side effects are bothering me a bit. Pills for Malaria need to be taken this weekend.

ALSO To all my RP friends!

My trip to Belize means that even though I'm not busy with school anymore, I won't have reliable internet access until about the middle of July. I'M SO SORRY I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!!!
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*pulls out hair*


*brain melts*


May. 4th, 2006 12:04 pm
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I got all the classes I wanted for next semester! One that I really wanted to enroll in was World Prehistory but I had to wait for spaces to open up because apparently, it's a popular one. There are 2 spaces left open out of 25 now, so... success!


Jan. 31st, 2006 03:38 pm
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Time for the "now that I've been to all my classes, it's time to talk about them" post. Yay! *throws confetti*

French 102 = This class is basically going to be review for me because I didn't want to miss a semester of French in order to wait for the next one in the fall. My teacher is really nice and kind of reminds me of Madame from SCC.

Geology 110, Natural Disasters = This is a huge class in one of the smaller lecture rooms. I can tell that my teacher is really into geology which is great because that ends up being contagious during lectures and helps me do better. My geology teachers at SCC were like that, too. I 'm looking forward to this one. Still debating on whether to minor in geology.

Anthropology 340, Living in a Pluralistic World = I'm not too sure about this class yet because I only took it on the advice of my advisor, I'm not even exactly sure what it will be about yet. My teacher is nice, though.

Anthropology 341, Emergence of civilizations = This was basically a last minute choice because the history class I wanted was already full. I thought this one might be too diffucult for me but, after the first class introduction, I think it should be okay. But OMG, my teacher is AWESOME! So very awesome! She sort-of referred to Stargate at one point at the beginning of class about not giving her any links that had to do with aliens building the pyramids and then...later, she asked the class if there were any Stargate fans. I have a teacher who likes Stargate! This is awesome :D And she's very funny, had the class laughing every once in a while.

So, overall, I have really enjoyable classes and great teachers. This semester is looking good! :D And, OMG, I love the dorms, I should've moved out sooner!


Dec. 16th, 2005 11:42 am
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The class that has been the cause of all my stress this semester is finally over. I know I didn't get an A because I missed quite a few on the final but I may have atleast scraped a C in that class. I've been regretting my decision to take that class the entire semester and I hated it. Politics were not strong point to begin with anyway and then I had a really sucky teacher and I didn't learn anything except how to memorize things word for word and then forget them.

It's over, no more bad teacher or boring class. I can breathe now and just hope that I got a C in the class.

Venting feels good and I think I need to go find a stress reliever now...maybe some hot chocolate. That sounds good. And then I get to watch my sisters in their show Cinderella, tonight. And make pumpkin bread and forget all about the evil psycho teacher from DOOM (seriously, I think his brain is messed up from inhaling all that chalk dust).

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Currently hiding from:

1) 20 page research paper due Monday that's not even close to being done.

2) Creative writing midterm due Monday. Haven't even started.

3) 5 page screenplay due tomorrow. Stuck at 3 pages.

4) Studying for French test on thursday.

5) Life, the universe, and everything.

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Livejournal is all decked out for Halloween! That's so awesome!

Anyway, I didn't work today because there was a Journée de français at my school. It was so much fun! It's too bad I can't do it again next year. A whole bunch of high school students came with their teachers. My French teacher organized and her classes helped host it. I got to practice speaking French off the top of my head without books or dictionaries, the teachers helped, though. We had delicious croissaints, pain au chocolat, and chocolat chaud. The crêpes with Nutella (vive le Nutella!) were fabulous, as usual. Each school put on a skit en français and presented it. All of them were hilarious! Then an African dancer came and taught us all a dance, I don't think I've exercised that much in a long time.

Anyway...HALLOWEEN! Squee! And where did October go? I could have sworn it was only just the end the end of September. O_o?

*hides from the encroaching piles of schoolwork*

Halloween at [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar has begun and I've got Janet in the bar dressed as a cowgirl. The inspiration was from Teryl Rothery in the Women of Sci-fi calender. I only found one icon to use, though. Oh well.

Well, it for now, 'night all.

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