Sep. 6th, 2009 10:13 pm
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Funniest thing I heard at work today:

While passing by the stingray pool, a kid asked his mom "what are those?" and she says "stingrays and man 'o wars." She stops, looks again, and says "yep. Man 'o wars." Completely serious!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure she meant Manta rays, which is still wrong but at least closer to what we actually have than man o' wars. LOL

Also, just found out that Six Flags is doing a special event for GLBT in Sept. 11. Awesome!
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Well, I finally did it. I've been talking about it since I turned 18 and I finally did it! Went with my Nana too because it's her 70th birthday next week and she wanted to get an iris on her ankle, how awesome is that?

Link to facebook picture!

It's Scorpio with two stars on my upper back AND I LOVE A LOT. IT IS AWESOME.

Also didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Kind of like a burning scraping but not excruciating. I'm already planning another one :D
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Being in The Music Man for the second time with Andy and hanging out with everyone in the cast!
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So I'm at my internship reading through a 2001 article about Sir Francis Drake and how he may have landed in Point Reyes in 1579 and there's this quote: "Like Brigadoon, the mythical village that appeared out of the Scottish mists once in a century, the spit and the cove appear for 10 years, then vanish for about 53 years before reappearing."

So maybe not everyone will appreciate this but I thought it was amusing to see a newspaper mention Brigadoon considering I hardly ever hear about it otherwise :D archive 2001/07/18

Wacky fun!

Feb. 10th, 2009 05:18 pm
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Okay, wow. For not being in school for a while, things still manage to be busy!

+ I found a second job! At Six Flags in Entertainment. Basically, I get to host animal shows and give out random facts about them. Also, occasionally escorting characters. I worked at Six Flags Fright Fest back in '02 and it was the most fun I've ever had at a job, so I am very much looking forward to this one! Orientation on the 21st, park opens the 28th!

+ I get to catalog artifacts again! I'm an intern at Olompali State Historic Park and one of the days I showed up they were going through a bunch of artifacts that had recently been de-asbestosed (de-asbestized? Either way, they don't have asbestos anymore, lol) and I got to talking with the state archaeologist there and he invited me to help him with the rest of the project! There is an article HERE with more info about it! I am SO looking forward to next Tuesday :D

+ I AM GOING TO SEE WICKED NEXT THURSDAY IT IS FINALLY SINKING IN OMG IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING. We've had the tickets since last October but now that it's only a week away I'm all Squeeeeee! about it at random times.

+ Going to Reno for Valentine's Day to see Toxic Audio with The Boyfriend. Can't wait for this either, it's been YEARS since I've been to Reno plus we get to see a show! Rock.

+ Going shopping on Monday with my grandma, aunt, mom, and sisters for my mom's birthday! We always have a good time :D

- Our water is getting turned off tomorrow for pipe repairs or something like that, so I gotta go finish my laundry now!


Nov. 21st, 2008 06:11 pm
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So Nano is going horribly considering I'm only at ~6,000 words due to distractions and such (of the good kind!) :/ I'm not surprised though, I've never been good at the whole sit down and write all day kind of thing. [ profile] brinabean and I are going to do some marathon Nano-ing when I visit for thanksgiving next week though, that might help a bit. At this point I'll be lucky to hit 10,000 words!

Also, my read 50 books for the year thing is stuck at 37...I blame the beginning of the year when I was still in school, less time to read then!

In other news, I've been driving around in a big truck for the past few days which is amusing considering how tiny I am ...but trucks are awesome. I loved cruising around in that thing AND it's got really comfy seats and power locks and windows! okay, it's my dad's car and we traded for a few days so he could do some work on mine (which means find out why it was making weird noises) but now I have my own little Echo back.... with no power steering because that had been the problem, lol. I never realized before how nice power steering was until I didn't have it and now it feels like I have to throw all my weight behind it just to turn the wheel, lol.

Thought I'd come up for air before Christmas in Retail Hell (TM) begins again for another year and I have even less time.

...yeah, so much for my plan on NOT being in retail this year, the search for the elusive Better Job is failing spectacularly and I've gotten so discouraged that I'm just going to wait for the holidays to blow over before attempting again.

Now, I think I'm going to go pig out on ice cream and watch TV!
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So I think this idea is kinda cool. I wonder if it'll catch on?

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Remember that llama song?

Here's a funny one for Obama!

(It starts at 0:46 seconds in just in case you want to skip right to it)


Sep. 17th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Dude. Sorry to anyone who has left me voice messages since the end of July. Apparently my voicemail notifier thing got turned off somehow so I haven't listened to any messages since then. I just went through about 19 voicemails O.o


Sep. 16th, 2008 07:54 pm
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We are a plague house now with a quarantine sign. lol.

Or at least, that's how I feel at the moment.

I found out that N had a cold and now I have one and even T is starting to feel one coming on...

But I just got a call from The Boyfriend and feel much revived! You know, aside from the fact that I'm still feverish and tired :/

I'm only posting because of my unhealthy addiction to the internets and that I happened to find myself awake just now.

Oh well. Carry on. Nothing to see here.


Sep. 15th, 2008 10:33 pm
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Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are going to be nearby in January!!

I must acquire tickets *nod*
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Sweeet. I'm gone for two days and get replies to the emails that I sent earlier! I was especially worried about the one for info on an internship and was just thinking that maybe I should send another just in case :D

Also, minor sunburn and no aloe vera. Must remedy this tomorrow morning.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 11:14 pm
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I AM HOME *kisses the ground*

After a 12 hour drive made only slightly less annoying by switching between three drivers X.X and I now have a distinct dislike for yahoo maps, really slow trucks, and that one ass hole driver in Willits who COULDN'T WAIT TWO GODDAMN SECONDS AND HAD TO LAY ON HIS HORN *headdesk*

Other than that...

Seattle was fun and amazing!

We met lots of fun people and partied a lot!

I would LOVE to go to U of W for grad school. The CAMPUS omg and I think I am in love with their library.

Crater Lake was spectacular...the deepest and prettiest blue that I have ever seen in nature.

Oregon Caves were cold...but not as cold as when we woke up this morning at 6am to pack up the car and start back home *shiver*

Enough for now, I still smell vaguely of campfire smoke and need to unpack *topples over*
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Apparently there were record temps. around the entire bay area today, about 100 degrees (which, apparently is 30 degrees above normal this time of year, sure felt like it), mid nineties tomorrow. Heat wave over by Monday, yay!

Wow, I just sounded like a weather report...sorry to bore everyone!

My room is still an oven though, I think I may just sleep on the couch...


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From here:

Vallejo became a 20th Century major tourist destination and the San Francisco tour boat operator, Red & White Fleet (then owned by Crowley Corporation.)..."

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I thought I would put all these down cause it's fun :D I'm probably doing it wrong but, (like maybe you have to actually know someone and not just have met them once) oh well!

I am...

1 degree from George Lucas (+2 degrees from the cast of Star Wars)
~Friend T has met him three times
3 degrees from Brendan Fraser (+entire cast of The Mummy, etc.)
~Acquaintance's uncle was the Pilot in the first movie...forgot his name
3 degrees from Nathan Fillion (+4 degrees from Firefly and Lost casts, 5 from Stargate cast)
~Another acquaintance's brother was in a movie with him
3 degrees from Helena Bonham Carter +4 degrees from Johnny Depp
~[ profile] brinabean's drama teacher was in a movie with Helena Bonham Carter
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Why hello there unexpected warm weather, where have you been hiding?
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I think I may be addicted to Avatar now, thanks to the sisters. I'm flying through the first season on

I might have a small cartoon!crush on Zuko, too.

Also, apparently, my Firefly brings all the boys to the yard.
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Well, it's a GORGEOUS day outside and I'm actually getting stuff done. Sunny days do that to me.

I'm sick of wearing winter clothes...bring on Spring!

I've also been on a Tudor kick lately mostly due to reading The Other Boleyn Girl before seeing the movie (tomorrow night!) By the way, that book is 661 pages long and I read and finished it all last Tuesday/Wednesday IT'S THAT GOOD :D

ETA: My far, atleast!
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I don't HOW I did it, because I'm usually horrible at styling my own hair, but I think I had the best hair night of my entire life last night.

I decided to try my curling iron again and then kinda, swooped my hair up in a clip in the back. Kind of an accident but it turned out pretty. Now it's immortalized in about a dozen party photos!

Also, Across The Universe.


*listening to the soundtrack for the third time*

Random fact about me: Being an anthro geek, I can't help but have an attachment to the name Lucy or the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.


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