*jaw drop*

Nov. 5th, 2008 01:48 pm
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What the hell California? WHAT. THE. HELL.

In a perfect world, equality should be a given and not something that you have to vote on.

And now I'm both happy for the Obama victory and depressed that 8 passed...

Oh well, can't expect such things to change so quickly! This was just one step of the many that are sure to follow.

(My county voted 66% no! \m/ )

Two things I good at, patience and optimism :D

ETA: And now here I am forgetting all those other props I voted on!

The high speed train connecting SF to LA is a go! Granted, it's going to take a while before it's done BUT STILL. Only a two hour train ride? I'm so there :D

And there's going to be a local railway going through two counties!

Parental notification for minors failed!

And children's hospital bond passed!

...and I'm still amused by the one that wanted to name a sewage plant after Bush :>
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Also, I'm very proud to be one of those young voters right now :D

I'm just worried about Prop 8 right now but only 14% are reporting in so far so there's still time *positive thoughts!*

ETA: 22% reporting Yes 54 - No 46 meep.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:23 am
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Off to vote, be back later! :D

ETA: Back! No lines, I must have missed the lunch rush or RP just has a lot of polling places O.o

Anyway, I was telling people about this but while I was driving around last night, we stopped in front of Safeway and saw an amusing sight. There were a bunch of "Yes on 8" and "No on 8" people sharing a corner of sidewalk. Peacefully, as far as I could tell, which had apparently started off earlier in the day with one person holding a "Yes" sign and more people showing up later. It was too dark and I wanted to get a picture of it but all I had was my camera phone and that didn't work too well. But it was a pretty amazing sight to witness firsthand!

In the world of NaNo, I'm behind a day due to a visit from the boyfriend (!!!) but I plan to make as much of that up as I can tonight while watching election coverage. Am also looking forward to Stewart and Colbert's Indecision '08 team up tonight! (Although I'll miss the first bit because I have to work :( )

Oh yeah, free Starbucks for voting? I'M SO THERE.

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Thank goodness I have The Daily Show to keep me sane during all this political bullshit.

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I was reading through the General Election book earlier and I can't be the only one who thinks this is a pretty sweet idea.

Having made the ~7 hour drive from the Bay Area to LA MULTIPLE TIMES, I could SO get behind this High Speed Rail thing :D

Sort-of related ETA: *snicker*

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