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So. Yesterday, this happened:



Of course, it's mostly crap and isn't even a completed story (there's no ending) but I ACTUALLY FINISHED NANOWRIMO FOR ONCE.

Letting it sit for December and then the editing process begins in January!

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I had been planning on posting Nanowrimo stuff to this journal but it's Day 18 and I haven't gotten around to it yet.

But! All of my current Nanowrimo posts are here on my Tumblr which I have been using a lot more than LJ lately.

Beware the random fangirling in between Nano posts, though.

Also, I will be reaching a word count of 30,000 today!

Needless to say, my last two attempts at Nano were blown out of the water and my thought about original ideas being easier to write was true!

I didn't give up on day two this time and I haven't missed a day! \o/ Of course, it's going to be a long time before my story sees the light of day, if ever :D
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In honor of the season, write about an object that is haunted.

The orb sat benignly on the plinth - a place of high honor in the hall. The black glass reflected light though he could not find the source of it.

"Look closer and you will see," the figure said mildly and Nolan leaned in, almost against his will. He knew the rumors and this was surely the object in them.

His eyes were wide as he took in the glare of the glass and he blinked slowly before fully gazing into the orb.

For a moment he thought he saw his own eyes gazing back at him but no, his own were not the bright, clear blue he was seeing. And then, there were more; scared, hopeful eyes, shapes crowding his own vision as though seeking his attention. He clenched his eyes shut but the images remained, stark against the blackness of his vision. Pained, faceless looks, some angry, some sad but all Gifted.

And that was when he knew the rumors were true. This man was stealing Gifts, a heinous crime by all standards, and these images were the only remaining pieces of those who had lost everything.
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These are quite important names too...and some geography! (except the title...I suck at titles)

Joris Lanal is trying to create The Empire of Sight in the nation of Shalddar (the one the Five Nations are at war with).

To the west of the Five Nations are The Whistling Mountains. There is a main pass (Quarryn Pass) through these to reach The Salt Wastes or, The Wastes for short. You have to cross this barren land to get to Iskassa, the Salt Empire, where they export salt to the Five Nations and speak the Sikke language.

The Mug and Bottle is Nolan's favorite tavern.

Plena/Kelne family (tenant farmers on Merrin land):
Parents names: Anite Kelne and Riben Plena
Mauna Kelne (the oldest child) is engaged to Tomen Nasodoro

Tilden Salotara: Retired fire elemental. Mentor to Kerris.
Jornel Addare: Gaurdian. Mentor to Nolan.

Rianne Enaro: Gifted seer
Dasha Tilar: Gaurdian

Marek Assirra: Gaurdian
Lorette Koryk: Gifted weather elemental

Steward to the Gifted: Olirin Lusald

The three most popular insults in Aswynn are:

World Map (in progress) )
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So I'm going all out this November for Nanowrimo and writing something original for a change! This is my experiment to see if I can finish it when it's not fanfic...either that or I'm just lazy, I guess I'll find out :D

I'm super excited about this idea, though. It's fantasy based and has been badgering me for a about a year now, so I have lots of details figured out already.

So anyway, here's a character sheet for my main and secondary characters! Some spaces I left blank because I haven't figured them out yet. Still a WIP!!
Character chart found here.

Main character )

Secondary character )

All characters (so far) and how they fit in )

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