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It's been a year since I've done a show and now I'm in Titanic: The Musical!

*sigh* I miss theatre when I'm not in a show...

I'm Madeleine Astor which I'm super excited about! I think I might have been the only one to try for her AND I get to wear pretty dresses and a fake preggo belly. She has a few lines and a short duet with John Jacob Astor.

A cool thing about this production is that the second performance is on the EXACT date of the 100th anniversary and we're doing a gala!

The BF is Charles Clarke. Sadly didn't get Andrews or Barrett like he wanted but I hear Charles is a good part too. It's basically an ensemble show, there are no real traditional leads.

(I love history and went through a Titanic phase so I'm geeking out about this!)

For anyone in the area, it's in Davis, Ca. Davis Musical Theatre Company.
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So... I just splurged on an iPod Touch! A used one but it works like new (I'm covering up the scratches on the back with a case!)

It's a 3rd gen - mostly because I don't need the camera or video that comes with the new ones. And it's cheaper! I got 32g this time because I kept running out of space on my old 2nd gen nano.

I need some app suggestions!

I already have 4square, games like mancala and yahtzee, and a pdf reader!

Preferably free but if it's something TOTALLY AWESOME that I can't live without, I'd probably buy it :D

Please halp!
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So, for the release of HP7P1, a group of us did a flash mob before the movie started. Specifically, it was 'Get Back to Hogwarts' from A Very Potter Musical!

I was Pansy (who, for whatever reason, is a Ravenclaw in the musical).

It was so much fun! We had management approval and did the song in all five auditoriums showing the movie. It went by so quickly and it was AWESOME to see how many people knew the song and were dancing along with us in their seats!

Here's the video!
(I'm the person on the right with the white shirt in the thumbnail!)

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I want to send holiday cards to people this year! I like getting cards in the mail so I figure it would be fun to send some too! Also, I can't afford to buy many gifts this year, but I can afford stamps to send things in the mail so that makes up for it :D

So, if you're reading this on LJ, the comments are screened for addresses.

If you're reading this on facebook, send me a message if you want me to send you one!!

Extra! What I'm listening to right now is the one Christmas song that I'm not annoyed with! DL it here!
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+ Why hello thar new music obsession! I heard the music of Antonio Pontarelli this weekend: 11/18/2007 - 3PM - Children’s Miracle Network Torch Relay Gala Event, Kodak Theatre Complex Center, Hollywood, CA, Headling Band

Bri and I were standing on a second floor walkway at the theatre trying to get a good view of the Hollywood sign when she got distracted by him playing the violin. Deciding that music was much more entertaining than trying to get a picture of the hollywood sign through the smoggy glory that is L. A., I started recording the performance on my camera! Well...see for yourself! The quality isn't that great cause it's from my digital camera but...


+ Also, TRUE STORY. Apparently I met Miss California that same day too and had no idea who she was. I was trying to find where I could buy a CD of the band above and she was the closest one to the table. She was all HI!!! :D!!!!!! and I asked her where I could buy the CD and she said she wasn't sure and pointed to the nearby table looking a bit confused and I was all "Why is she wearing a tiara????" And then another lady came up to her and said "you're Miss California, right?" and I was all um....oops? It's not my fault I don't watch pageants!!!!1 lolz

+ FINALLY got to visit Grauman's Chinese Theatre (pics at my facebook). Squeed over Johnny Depp's footprints and fangirled over Abbott and Costello's. And, Rupert Grint wears chucks, how awesome is he?

+ Also, random, just saw the Enchanted trailer. Must remember to go see that. Also, Sweeney Todd.

+ Bri's Oireachtas was INSANE with people. And awesome dancers.

+ The Mummy ride at Universal is so much fun! The back lot had two movies in production, one with Angelina Jolie and the other with Adam Sandler, but I can't remember the names. I fangirld over seeing the flying mule from Serenity, though :D

+ Sadly did not get to meet Michael Shanks. Got to L. A. too late due to traffic :( I will never complain about Norcal traffic EVER AGAIN.
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None of these are from Reno but they give an idea of the awesomeness that is MCR :D

"Welcome To The Black Parade" (Not all of it, unfortunately...)

More... )

I would have posted more but youtube stopped working for me :(
I searched with "my chemical romance 2007" and "black parade tour"
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My Chemical Romance's Black Parade tour is fucking AMAZING.

It's definitely the best concert I've ever been to. Go if you get the chance :D

All the tour dates. I am SO tempted to go to the one in Oregon in May now...

A group of six of us (in this post referred to as M, C, H, K, and D) drove to Reno Friday morning, waited in line for twelve hours (I was the 28th person in line, I still have the number sharpied on my hand and I'm not taking of my floor wristband until it falls off) and managed to snag front row floor space along the railing. M and C worked their way to front and center somehow but the rest of us were a little farther to the right.

It was sort of a combined show I think. MCR was the headliner, of course, with Rise Against opening for them, but Taking Back Sunday was there, too, with Underoath as their openers.

Underoath played first. They were okay, but definitely not my favorite band in the world. Rise Against was second and I am determined to see them at their own concert at some point (the sister agrees :D) I can't believe I've never listened to Taking Back Sunday before, so I'll have to fix that now :D

Info I won't force on you, including fangirl squee and some show spoilers )

Guess I'll end on that lovely note!
*squeees yet again*
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I've been wanting the soundtrack for Les Choristes for a while now and I have been playing this song repeatedly for the past day.

Vois sur ton chemin
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Help me name this playlist!

Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray My current song obsession for the moment :D
Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse
Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
More Than A Memory - Hoobastank
Crash And Burn - Savage Garden
Far Away - Nickelback
When I Look To The Sky - Train
Lost Without You (Live) - Darren Hayes This song is so pretty!
Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol (feat. Martha Wainwright) So is this one!
Name - Goo Goo Dolls
The Last Waltz - The Rasmus

And if anyone wants any of these songs, I'd be happy to share!
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There are no words to describe how completely AWESOME All-American Rejects are in concert!

I'm still too keyed up to sleep right now :D

Also, the bands that opened were great too:

Boys Like Girls was a good opening act, I loved how The Format sang more, and of course, Motion City Soundtrack just blew me away, I felt like I was at one of their concerts. I bought CDs!!!

But AAR just OWNED the stage! There was sooo much they did, just...wow. WOW. I must go to another one of their concerts!!

But good news is, they were filming part of the DVD there so we'll get to relive how AMAZING it was!
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Okay, this? Kind of reminds me of "Weasley is our king!"

But it's hilarious nontheless :D
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Since my evening class was cancelled, I decided to finally do these two music memes.

For the first one, I uploaded one song for every letter in my username :D

K Kryptonite 3 Doors Down
O Over My Head (Cable Car) The Fray
R Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Rise Against
E El Tango De Roxanne Moulin Rouge OST
P Paralyzed Rock Kills Kid
E Exister à L'Enver Andrée Watters
R Rhyme And Reason Adam Pascal
S Sing Sing Sing
E Every You Every Me Placebo
P Pinch Me Barenaked Ladies
H Holding Out For A Hero Shrek 2 OST
O Once Upon A December Anatasia OST
N Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner Fall Out Boy
E Empire of the Sun Chorale

The second one: Leave a comment with one number between 1 and 100 and I'll upload with that song from my playlist for you!

Weird Al

Oct. 3rd, 2006 11:53 pm
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Thanks for showing me this vid, Brett :D

EDIT: For my dear [livejournal.com profile] ginnaveve, I finally found the entire song!

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...because I finally decided to do it :D

Step 1: Put iTunes/your music program of choice on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. No skipping songs because they're embarassing! (Unless they're just music/a movie)
2: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1) "Traveling in a fried-out combie"
2) "Beauty queen of only eighteen" by [livejournal.com profile] eriklebeau
3) "Long ago, just like the hearse you die to get in again"
4) "You say our love is like dynamite"
5) "She's his yellow brick road"
6) "Un oiseau, un enfant, une chèvre"
7) "I'll lay me down tonight"
8) "There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea" by [livejournal.com profile] i_have_a_spork
9) "I'm lookin' at my watch" by [livejournal.com profile] emily_goddess
10) "Well, there's a house on the block that's empty now that Dominique's gone"
11) "My story starts the day they said 'she can't be found'"
12) "She says she's no good with words but I'm worse"
13) "There is no future, there is no past"
14) "Hope dangles on a string" by [livejournal.com profile] eriklebeau
15) "Forgive myself, I walk a man"
16) "A planet on the go" by [livejournal.com profile] emily_goddess
17) "Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time"
18) "When the laughter fade away, ma vie"
19) "Funny how I find myself in love with you"
20) "When you're alone and life is making you lonely" by [livejournal.com profile] eriklebeau
21) "Circling your head contemplating everything you ever said" by [livejournal.com profile] eriklebeau
22) "I've posed for pictures with iv'ry soap"
23) "How did we get here, how the hell"
24) "Let's get down to business"
25) "One last thing I beg you please just before you go"

(Cause I ran out of time) Next post: MAJOR squeeage about the new Pirates movie and pictures of the new Jack Sparrow Animatronic on the ride.
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your seven songs, then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1] Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy
2] RENT. All of it.
3] Don't Stop Believin' Journey
4] Helena My Chemical Romance
5] Defying Gravity Wicked
--I love this song and I've never even seen the musical.
6]I Want to be Evil Chiwetel Ejiofor
--Very fun song :P
7] Stargate opening theme *cough* yeah...

Aaaaaand I don't feel like tagging anyone.

And on another note entirely...

It's hot.


So hot I blew up a sun hot.

One of the few good things about work is the air conditioning.

This is why autumn is my favorite season.

Oh well. I'll post an actual update later I guess.
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These are fricking hilarious. The silly stick figures make it funnier! Fall Out Boys songs!

Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner:
Srsly. A ferret. And Kohl's.

And, Sugar we're going down:
What the heck are they saying?
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I just watched a movie that I hadn't seen in ages, it was on TV a couple nights ago.

That Thing You Do! I remember when I went to see it for my birthday back in '96. So much love for that movie. So much.

So, I give you, the title song from the Talent Show at the beginning of the movie!

Whee! Youuuu...Do that thing you dooooo. Breaking my heart into a million pieces...

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