Jul. 10th, 2010 06:39 pm
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So I haven't posted here in a while but seeing as how I'm leaving tomorrow morning FOR FIELD SCHOOL I figured I'd better post something!

So. I'm leaving for Santa Barbara tomorrow! Got most everything packed and then it's off to field school! I'll be back August 21st, will probably only have internet on the weekends, but we're camping next to the beach and it's FIELD SCHOOL!

This is step number 2 in Finding Liz A Job In Her Field (TM) and I'm feeling hopeful that this will help me find something with a CRM company when I get back (which is step number 3) :D

Plus, camping for six weeks? AWESOME.
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So last month I took the Census test and got 100% but hadn't heard anything for a while...

Then I got a call two days ago and they not only want me to train to be a census taker but they want me to train to be a crew leader.

I can barely believe it...I have no supervisor type experience so this is a huge surprise!

Training starts April 12th and I'm looking forward to it :D

The best part is that it lasts eight weeks so it ends the week before my field school will start.

CAN'T WAIT FOR FIELD SCHOOL... I finally get all those archaeology skills I so desperately need :D
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So, we leave Monday morning, we're going to stock up on food today, I'm packing now, mostly because I won't have much time this weekend considering I'll be out of town for the last weekend of the show, and I still haven't heard back from the guy running the field school. Which, by the way, I'm leaving for the day after we get back from the roadtrip, lol.


Anyway, I can't wait to see Seattle, camping on the way up and the way back, AND stopping at Crater Lake because, omg, I've always wanted to see it and now I finally get to!

Spent much of last night marking up maps with different colored highlighters and printing out directions and things!

I have my PARTY CAR playlist on my iPod all set up and I just need to update it!

It was going to be three girls and one guy going, but now it's going to be a girl's only trip which is going to be awesome too.

Can't wait to hit the bars, and all that :D

Most likely found someone to take my room for two weeks while I'm gone to help pay for rent.

I changed the dates I'm going to Aug. 3-18 instead the entire month of August because, wow, EXPENSIVE. Thankfully didn't have to pay anything to change my flight!

I have to work on my resume at some point after I get back because I have two potential places that I'm looking at and I need to send an email, that reminded me O.o

But yay! for excavation experience, I really need it, so I get to add that and my conference from April.

I'll work at Kohl's until I find something better or, who knows, I might stay just on the weekends because I'm saving up for my trip to Europe next summer. Also going to try working at Six Flags fright fest again cause that was kickass the last time I did it :D

But yeah, ROADTRIP!!!!1
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+ The show has been going great! I took some backstage pics that can be seen on facebook and myspace and there are definitely going to be more from the next two weekends. Sold out Sunday matinee although it was super hot in the theatre as usual. The first two rows were filled with red hat ladies!

+ I always end up hanging around with the younger crowd backstage, and by younger crowd I mean 12-14 year olds (not counting my sister!), because they're more fun than the adults. Plus, none of them knew how old I was until I told them, lol. I read a lot backstage though, so it's more them hanging out while I'm sitting nearby with a book. Still, everyone in the show is awesome and I've worked with a lot of them before.

+ During the library scene, we have books as props and mine happens to be a hardbound copy of Timeline by Michael Crichton so I've been reading my prop lately too (even though I've read that book three times already, lol)

+ My favorite number in the entire show? "Shipoopi!" Our steps are similar if not exactly the same at some points, only with less pink (my dress is blue, my sister's is red) and less lifts (due to the typical lack of younger guys) the guys we do have do a very good job though and it's super fun :D

+ I finally get four days off from the show so I'm planning an entrance post to Milliways (with my brand new girl character!) AND re-downloading aim. Yay for productiveness!

+ Except I'm going to do some cleaning first and I have a few phone calls to make.

+ My plans for field school are changing. I felt it would be better to only go for two weeks instead of four, due to housing/funds/rent details that still need to be worked out X.X

+ Road trip to Seattle is still a go, only with one less person :( and I'm REALLY looking forward to the space needle as well as Crater Lake on the way home!

+ I've been playing Maplestory with my sister again while in Vallejo because it works better on my parents internet than here. No one will probably get the significance of this but I finally leveled to 30 after not playing for a year!

+ Finished watching ALL of Ghost Hunters online and now can't wait for the new eps...next month, I think?

+ Have now seen In Bruges THREE TIMES and I swear it never gets old. Me and [livejournal.com profile] brinabean have been quoting it a lot, although trying to quote the movie without swearing around certain people is just not the same :(

Oh yeah, and....

+ BRAND NEW EPISODES OF AVATAR STARTING FRIDAY THURSDAY!!!! Okay, so technically it starts tonight but I've already watched those online before they were supposed to air :D!


Mar. 18th, 2008 07:42 pm
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+ It seems like every time I go into the city, I fall even more in love with it.

My Historical Arch. class went to the Presidio on a field trip today...checked out the adobes and artifacts, including some slightly broken headstones which I went all :D!!! over. Plus, there was a really cool old-timey milk carton that I was intrigued by.

To top it all off, it was a GORGEOUS day, the bridge practically shone in the sunlight and it was the perfect Bay Area spring weather that I love so much.

+ Where am I going for Spring Break next week? Memphis! Will it all be fun and games? Nope, I'm presenting my paper at the Society for Applied Anthropology conference there and having minor freaks outs about it every so often.

But the good news is once that's over I get to visit Civil War battlefields, eat ribs, and, oh yeah, Graceland!

Then I'm flying into LAX instead of SFO and meeting friends for Disneyland...that park has become our spring break tradition!

Wait, what? Homework, you ask?

Oh yeah. That. :((((

+ Well, I've finally decided on a field school to spend the rest of my financial aid on for this summer. Look, ma! The Carribean!

I mostly picked it cause it was the cheapest and I still have to pay rent.

+ Am I really graduating this May? I can't believe it myself sometimes. I've got my cap and gown and pretty tassel all ready. The drunken revelry is being planned and the announcements are waiting to get sent out.


+ I've recced a few more things at the crack broom. Gotta get all of them in before I leave for spring break!

+ MMMmmm. Chocolate.

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