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Oct. 28th, 2011 02:29 pm
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In honor of the season, write about an object that is haunted.

The orb sat benignly on the plinth - a place of high honor in the hall. The black glass reflected light though he could not find the source of it.

"Look closer and you will see," the figure said mildly and Nolan leaned in, almost against his will. He knew the rumors and this was surely the object in them.

His eyes were wide as he took in the glare of the glass and he blinked slowly before fully gazing into the orb.

For a moment he thought he saw his own eyes gazing back at him but no, his own were not the bright, clear blue he was seeing. And then, there were more; scared, hopeful eyes, shapes crowding his own vision as though seeking his attention. He clenched his eyes shut but the images remained, stark against the blackness of his vision. Pained, faceless looks, some angry, some sad but all Gifted.

And that was when he knew the rumors were true. This man was stealing Gifts, a heinous crime by all standards, and these images were the only remaining pieces of those who had lost everything.

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